Bulletin Board & Information Table Policy

Weymouth Public Libraries

Policy for Bulletin Boards and Information Tables

Purpose:   As a resource for library patrons and Weymouth residents to find information about local community activities and events, the Weymouth Public Libraries provide bulletin board space for the posting of flyers and small posters and information tables for the passive distribution of non-library materials.

The posting of materials does not imply the Weymouth Public Libraries’ endorsement or consent. Nor does the Weymouth Public Libraries accept responsibility for the accuracy of the statements made in any materials. Concerns about this policy or about the content of a particular notice should be addressed to the Head of Reference. If the issue is not resolved at this level, it should be addressed to the Director of Library Services.

Bulletin Boards & Information Tables

These library resources shall be used for the following types of information:

  • Library notices and events, for which priority will be given.
  • Forthcoming educational, social, civic, charitable, cultural or recreational activities in Weymouth or on the South Shore.
  • Information about not-for-profit organizations, groups, agencies or federal, state or local government agencies providing services to citizens.
  • Announcements detailing community service or volunteer opportunities in Weymouth or on the South Shore.

Guidelines: All items shall be reviewed by Reference Department library staff for the Tufts Library and by the branch Head Librarians for the branch libraries and either posted on the Bulletin Boards or placed on the Information Tables. All items shall be brought in person to Tufts Library or mailed to: Community Information, Weymouth Public Libraries, Tufts Library, 46 Broad Street, Weymouth, MA 02188. Upon approval, notices for the Bulletin Boards will be marked with the date of approval. Notices posted on the Bulletin Boards or placed on the Information Tables without authorization will be removed and discarded. The Library Director or his designee shall make the final decision.

All notices intended to be posted on the library’s Bulletin Board must contain the following:

  • name of sponsoring agency
  • address and telephone number, website or email address of the sponsoring agency or authorized representative.

Due to limited space, the Weymouth Public Libraries reserve the right to prioritize the items that are posted or placed based on community interest and the timeliness of events. Some approved items may not be posted or placed due to space limitations. Some approved items may be removed before the event. Items posted or placed will be removed immediately following the program.

Items larger than 11 inches by 14 inches shall not be accepted.

Items without a specific event date shall be removed after 30 days if space is needed.

The Director of Library Services or his designee will maintain a binder of reports received from nonprofit organizations, groups, agencies or by any federal, state or local government agency providing services to citizens. These will be stamped with a received on date and maintained for 30 days.