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Establishment and Duties

A local historical commission is the agency responsible for identifying and recording the historic assets of its town or city and for developing and implementing a program for their preservation. The commission cooperates with other municipal agencies to insure that the goals of historic preservation are considered in planning for future development of the community. The historical commission also coordinates the activities of local groups whose interests involve history or historic preservation and serves as liaison between these groups and both state and federal governmental agencies and preservation organizations.

The Town of Weymouth Massachusetts voted in 1964 to accept Chapter 40, Section 8D of the General Laws and as amended by Chapter 517, Section 3 of the acts of 1971, to establish a local Historical Commission. The Historical Commission acts for the preservation, promotion and development of the historical assets of the Town

In addition to the Weymouth Historical Commission, there are two local historical organizations, the Weymouth Historical Society, Inc. and the Abigail Adams Historical Society, Inc. These are private, non-profit organizations with membership open to the general public. These groups have their own elected Board of Directors and their own individual goals and missions. These organizations are social groups whose primary function is to preserve and promote the history of Weymouth and Abigail (Smith) Adams respectively. Both of these organizations play an important role in preserving history for the future.

Unlike these organizations, the Town of Weymouth’s Historical Commission, is an appointed government agency formed in 1964 by the Board of Selectmen to which it reported. On January 1, 2000 under the new form of government the commission began reporting directly to the Mayor, who will be responsible for appointing new members and re-appointing existing members.

The commission consists of seven members who are appointed to three-year terms. The commission holds monthly Open Public Meetings from September through June. All meetings are posted in advance at the Town Hall and are run under procedures outlined in Robert’s Rules of Order. The commission follows the usual town budget and appropriation procedures and requests adequate funds to carry out its work.

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Board Members

Name Title
Ed Walker Chair
Rodney Lundin Vice-Chair
Cathy Torrey Member
Mark Schneider Member
Mike Murphy Member
Jennifer Weiss Donovan Member

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jody H. Lehrer
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