Notification of Aquatic Herbicide Treatment - West Cove of Whitman's Pond

In an effort to control nuisance and non-native aquatic vegetation, the Town of Weymouth has contracted the MA licensed firm SOLitude Lake Management to conduct an aquatic herbicide treatment program within the West Cove portion of Whitman’s Pond.  As a result, the USEPA/MA registered aquatic herbicide Sonar (active ingredient fluridone) will be applied to the West Cove on Monday July 24th.  One to two additional follow-up Sonar applications are anticipated during the remainder of the summer.

The shoreline of the West Cove area will be posted prior to all herbicide applications to warn of the treatment and the temporary water-use restrictions to be imposed following treatment.  The use of cove water for irrigation purposes will be restricted for a period of 90 days following the initial treatment.  There will be no other water-use restrictions (swimming, boating, fishing, domestic use, etc.) associated with the treatment program.

The aquatic vegetation management program is being conducted in accordance with permits issued by the Weymouth Conservation Commission (DEP file # 81-1041) and the Department of Environmental Protection Office of Watershed Management.  If you have any questions regarding the upcoming treatment or the treatment program as a whole, please feel free to contact either the Weymouth DPW Engineering Division (Tel # 781-337-5100) or SOLitude Lake Management (Tel # 508-865-1000).