Names awaiting placement on Weymouth Veterans Memorial Wall

Veterans Awaiting Placement on Permanent Memorial Wall

(lists started 10/2008 last updated 8/8/2016)



Belcastro, Nicodemo L.

Cavallo, Orlando N.

Condon, Thomas J.

Hunt, Bruce F.

Muscillo, John J.

Tanguy, Alexander J.



Served in WWII & Korea (notated with bullet)

Buckley, Francis J.

Gould, Robert D.



Drysdale, Kenneth E.

Higgins, Richard J.

Steen, James R. Jr.



Adams, Robert T.

Aikens, Richard W.

Alemian, Haig S.

Bailey, Harry E. Jr.

Carey, Robert W.

Chodor, Paul A.

Cunniff, James J. Jr.

Deady, Michael

Doherty, James D.

Doherty, Tim B.

Drysdale, Vernon E.

Galliher, Ronald Charles

Harding, John J.

Howe, Robert III

Kenealy, Martin F.

Kuze, Vernon H.

La Marine, Steven Craig

Ledwell, Ronald F.

Leone, Dale A.

Martinsen, Roy C. Jr.

*McCulloch, William P.

McGlone, Joseph F. Jr.

McIntyre, Vincent P.

Milliken, James R.

Mills, Donald I.

Mills, Robert V.


Nesson, Robert M.

Norton, Richard B.


Nottage, Michael P.

Pigeon, Lawrence R.

Riley, Winthrop A. Jr.

Rinella, Edward A.

Ryan, William G.

Salvati, Theodore J.

Slack, Kevin W.

Steen, Michael E.

Walsh, Charles Eugene

Williams, Francis T.

Woodworth, Jay S.


Persian Gulf

Please see Honor Roll List

* Denotes currently on the wall with incorrect spelling