ArtMatters: Impressionism

Tuesday, June 13th
7:00 PM
Jones Room, Tufts Library

Join us for a special ArtMatters lecture on the impressionists. 

The Impressionists, painters of light, painters of nature, and painters of human nature, changed the way the whole world looked at art. Like a stone dropped into a still pond, the ripples from this revolutionary style of painting spread out, influ- encing a whole new generation of artists. Join us for a close look at many of the paintings that moved the world into the modern era. 

ArtMatter is an Art Awareness Program designed to keep individuals connected to the world and encourage a loving relationship with the visual arts. Artwork describes shared feelings, tells stories, re-enacts events, and imparts magic and power. Thousands of years of history can be made real by a single painting. It is also fun, entertaining, and inspiring.