Weymouth Landing

weymouth landing

Bisected by Route 53, the Landing is situated on the town’s western border where the communities of Weymouth and Braintree meet. The boundary between the towns is defined by the Smelt Brook, a subterranean stream that runs beneath the Landing and is an annual spawning habitat for the rainbow smelt. The Smelt Brook has divided the towns for more than 300 years. 

In the “days of sail,” the Landing was a bustling place where wharves lined the shore to deliver lumber, coal, brick, sand, and many other commercial resources. The eastern edge of the village, bounded by Front Street, has been designated a national historic district.  

Today, the Landing hosts a number of popular local restaurants that are within walking distance of single-family homes, apartment buildings, and an MBTA Commuter Rail Station. Mixed-use buildings are allowed by special permit, making the area attractive for new transit-oriented development. 

The Landing is visually anchored by the Sacred Heart Church and the old Weymouth Savings Bank building. Two parochial schools and Weymouth’s main library are found in the area, as well.  

Major Roads: Broad St, Commercial St, and Washington St (Route 53)

Public Transit:

  • MBTA Bus Line 225 - Quincy Center Station to Weymouth Landing and South Weymouth
  • MBTA Weymouth Landing/East Braintree Commuter Rail Station - Greenbush Line

weymouth landingPublic and Open Space:

  • Braintree Municipal Lot
  • Canoe Access Ramp
  • Fore River Riverwalk
  • Tufts Library
  • Weston Park

Significant Buildings/Structures:

  • Former Fire Station (Astylistic)
  • Sacred Heart Church (Gothic Revival)
  • Sacred Heart Elementary School
  • South Shore Christian Academy (Colonial Revival)
  • U.S. Post Office (National Register - Colonial Revival)
  • Weymouth Savings Bank Building