Animal Control FAQs

Q: What do I do with a stray dog?
A: Residents are advised not to take in stray dogs.  Since it is stray, you have no idea as to the dog’s medical history or temperament. 

Q: Does the town have a pound?
A: No, stray dogs are held by facilities approved by the Chief of Police.

Q: How long does the town hold a stray dog?
A: Under Massachusetts Law, the town has to hold a stray for seven (7) days.

Q: Does the town handle stray cats?
A: NO, feral and free-roaming cats do not fall under the jurisdiction of municipal animal control.  You can contact a local humane society or the Animal Rescue League @ 617-426-9170

Q: Does the Animal Control Department dispose of dead animals?
A: Yes, the department will remove deceased animals from public ways only.

Q: What about problem wildlife?
A: The officer can dispatch wildlife only under certain specific conditions such as showing signs of being diseased.  Local Animal Control Officers and Police Officers have no powers which enable them to handle problem wildlife.  The state fish and wildlife division has licensed problem wildlife agents for this purpose. They do charge for their services!  This also includes coyotes.  Town can only take action against coyotes that are aggressive towards persons or diseased.  The town cannot remove wildlife just because it’s living under your shed, etc.  For more information visit the MassWildlife web site.       

Q: Is Animal Control open 24 hours?
A: Animal Control is staffed by on fulltime officer 40 hours a week.  Hours of operation can vary.  If you encounter a real emergency like a rabid animal or animal bite contact the Weymouth Police at 781-335-1212 and advise the dispatcher of the emergency.  Dispatch will determine the response needed. 

Q: Does Animal Control handle abandon wildlife?
A: Contact Animal Control and let us evaluate the situation.  If you care leave it there see MassWildlife if you find young.

Q: Does Animal Control handle injured wildlife?
A: Animal Control will evaluate injured wildlife.  If necessary injured wildlife will be transported to the New England Wildlife Center.  This is the only center near us so if they are not open or no excepting animals the ACO doesn’t have another facility for this.  There is no mandate under state that ACO’s handle injured wildlife, so this is a service not required but is provided when ACO is on duty.  If it is after hours leave the animal and a message and the situation will be evaluated when the ACO is on-duty.


Other agencies and organizations

Massachusetts Environmental Police

Animal Rescue League

Scituate Animal Shelter (domestic animals only)

South Shore Humane (cats only)

Weymouth VCA (24hr emergency vet domestic animals)

Weymouth Ordinances regarding animals

Animal ordinances

Dog licenses are valid January first through December thirty-first of the year of issue! Licenses are issued by the Weymouth Town Clerk at 75 Middle St., Weymouth.  A valid license and rabies tag must be worn on the dog at all times. Failure to comply can result in fines.