Current and Past Cases (Partial List)

Project name/addressApplicantDEP File #Submittal Date
19 Lambert Ave, Notice of Intent Wayne & Drena Nicholas PENDING04/17/2024
192 Idlewell Blvd, Notice of Intent Saul SchraderPENDING04/11/2024
91 Federal St, Request for Determination James KelleyNA 04/08/2024

202 Commercial St, Request for Determination 

Dylan PatnaudeNA04/08/2024
0 Northern Ave, Notice of Intent Ken Ryder 81-131403/07/2024
395 Neck Street, Request for Determination Mary & Tom Kelly NA02/06/2024
Lower Central Interceptor Replacement, Notice of Intent Town of Weymouth 81-131301/11/2024 
59 Lake View Rd, Request to Amend an Order of ConditionsRenan Barreto 81-127711/21/2023 
10 Carlson Cove, Request for Determination Eunice Feliciano & Dominique Derenne NA 11/27/2023
739 Pleasant Street, Notice of Intent Bryan Slonski, Viking Development LLC81-131210/26/2023
67 Rear Norton Street, Notice of IntentJohn Long81-131110/05/2023
Jackson Square Redevelopment, Notice of Intent Iraklis Papachristos81-131009/08/2023
60 David Island Rd, Request for Determination Courtney Keohan & Alexander SedkovNA08/24/2023
76 Newbert Ave, Request for Determination Samuel KishNA09/07/2023
420 Washington Rear, Request for Determination Town of Weymouth NA09/08/2023
523 Front Street, Notice of IntentThomas Swanton81-13098/9/2023
Neck Street Bypass, Request for DeterminationDepartment of Public WorksNA8/11/2023
473 Middle Street, Request for DeterminationRichard and Patti AndrewsNA8/9/2023
16 Arlington Street, Request for DeterminationGary SmythNA8/2/2023
371 Neck Street, Notice of IntentBill Sullivan81-13076/6/2023
363 Neck Street, Request for DeterminationPatricia SullivanNA5/23/2023
158 Park Ave West, Notice of IntentMichael Grehan81-13086/6/2023
Lower Central Interceptor Improvements, Notice of IntentTown of Weymouth81-13065/11/23
73 Regatta Road, Notice of IntentJulie Hackett81-13044/05/23
78 Lake Shore Drive, Notice of IntentThomas Bradley81-13054/06/23
Grape Island, Request for DeterminationDepartment of Conservation and RecreationNA4/06/23
550-560 Washington Street. Notice of IntentRaymond Jennings, Union Realty Trust81-13033/30/23
194 Broad Street, Request for DeterminationJeannine Fabian & Jon WillisNA3/27/23
97 Libbey Industrial Parkway, Request for DeterminationMatt Galt, FoxRock Weymouth AT Realty LLCNA3/21/23
260 Forest Street, Request for DeterminationNancy O'LoughlinNA03/06/23
68 Gilmore Street, Request for DeterminationKeerstin & Keith LohnesNA03/02/23
824 Washington Street, Notice of IntentRobert St. John, 824 Washington Street Limited Partnership81-130202/09/23
228 Idlewell Blvd, Notice of IntentDian Crehan & Frank Sullivan81-130101/10/23
1325 Washington Street, Request for Design Change Hanover R.S. Limited Partnership81-127111/25/22
194 Commercial Street, Request for Determination Dylan PatnaudeNA11/19/22
20 Humphrey Street, Certificate of Compliance Ryder Development Corporation 81-118711/04/22
Middle-Libbey Sidewalk, Notice of Intent Town of Weymouth 81-129910/27/22
Back River Dredge, Notice of Intent Town of Weymouth 81-129810/27/22
Whitman's Pond Management Strategy, Notice of Intent Town of Weymouth 81-130010/27/22
1441 Commercial St, Notice of IntentAbdallah Metri, ANGJ LLC81-129710/27/22
1 Sherricks Farm Rd, request for Determination Rajminder SainiNA10/04/22
38 Driftway, Request for Determination Frank & Peggy Mullaney NA10/05/22
824 Washington St, Site Plans 824 Washington St LPNANA
1197 Washington St, Certificate of Compliance Crocker Design Group81-2209/06/22
Greenvale Ave Gas Main, Certificate of Compliance  Boston Gas Co81-126009/09/22
792 Middle St, Notice of Intent Nick Zoppo81-129509/07/22
73 Northern Ave, Notice of Intent John & Laura Gagnon81-129408/31/22
22 Paris St, Request for Determination Quitri III LLCNA09/08/22
52 Lintric Drive, Request for Determination Mark Kieran NA09/07/22
86 Prospect Hill Dr, Request for Determination James & Jane KirkNA09/08/22
94 Prospect Hill Dr, Request for Determination Marty Barnes NA07/25/22
101 Shawmut St, Notice of Intent Jeanne Conneely81-129308/12/22
22 Washington St (Brookpoint), COC request Nicholas Delegas, GND Realty Trust81-119107-07-22
Grape Island, OOC extention National Park Service 81-117207/07/22

33 laudervale Rd, Request for Determination 

Erik & Lori AbboudNA07/08/22
1197 & 1215 Washington Street, Notice of Intent Elksy Development, LLC81-129207/07/22 
45 padula Rd, Request for Determination Alan TelianNA05/13/22
53 Colonial Rd, Request for Determination Brian MennerichNA06/07/22

Summer Street Gas Main, Notice of Intent

Boston Gas Company NA06/10/22
25 Sawyer Road, Request for Determination Nirav KathraniNA05/06/22
99 Torrey St, Request for Determination Robert Maynard NA05/06/22
49 Winter St, Request for Determination Terrence YeNA04/06/22
34 Moreland Rd, Notice of IntentTimothy & Gail Dilworth 81-129004/06/22
104 Abigail Adams Circle, Request for DeterminationGregory & Kristen FaroNA 04/08/22
69 Norton Street, Notice of Intent Jimmy Kelly, Norton Street Trust 81-128107/30/21
104 King Cove Beach Road, Notice of Intent Gilvan Miranda 81-127807/07/21

10 Apline Road, Request for Determination 

Brion KeefeNA03/09/22

527 Thicket Street, Request for Determination 

John InglisNA03/02/22

53 Jessica Lane, Request for Determination 

Raymond BlakeNA01/27/22
109 Regatta Road, Notice of Intent Michael & Wanda Hayes 81-128902/02/22
36-106 Finnell Drive, Request for DeterminationRPI Finnell Drive LLCNA01/06/22
445 Broad Street, Notice of IntentSean Sullivan81-128701/06/22
138 Lorraine Street, Notice of Intent Joan Horner 81-128511/30/21
Fore River Channel Light, Notice of Intent  US Coast Guard 81-1288


210 Commercial Street, Request for Determination Dylan PatnaudNA11/19/21
Massapoag Subdivision, Notice of Intent Weathervane Massapoag LLC81-128611/24/21
44 Revere Road, Certificate of Compliance Lauren Brouillette81-123411/03/21
78 Abigail Adams Circle, Request for Determination Richard Mulvaney NA10/28/21
203 Wessagussett Road, Request for Determination Tom TracyNA10/19/21
246 Comercial Street, Certificate of Compliance Wayne Thayer81-18110/18/21
1400 Main Street, Certificate of Compliance Trinity Green Development, LLC81-121610/06/21

105 Trefton Ave, Notice of Intent 

Matt Tallon 81-128410/08/21
49 Ketcham Lane, Notice of Intent Rui Gomes 81-128209/17/21
21 lakecrest Path, Notice of Intent Andrea Hule81-128008/06/21
75 Nelson Road, Request for DeterminationJillian VailNA08/03/21
86 Abigail Adams Circle, Request for DeterminationScott BrooksNA08/06/21
211 Sheri Lane, Request for Determination Mark SamuelsonNA08/05/21
201 Randolph Street, Notice of IntentGary Melville81-127908/05/21
59 lake View Rd, Noitice of IntentTayson Ng81-127707/06/21
50 Lake Shore Dr, Request for Certifiace of ComplianceKristen Oleson81-26206/17/21
119 Fort Point Rd, Request for Certificate of CompliancePamela Duprez81-123806/17/21
371 Front street, Request for Certificate of Compliance David Burke81-123005/30/21
48 Concannon Circle, Request for Certificate of Compliance Paul Kaufman81-30806/03/21
10 Simonds Rd, Request for Certificate of ComplianceDonald & Karen Hall81-23406/10/21
1239 Washington Street, Notice of IntentWells Sampson, American Alarm81-127606/04/21
9 Ashley Circle, Request for DeterminationDoreen FosterNA05/15/21
191 Circuit Ave, Request for DeterminationRobert D'AndreaNA06/04/21
734 Pleasant Street, Request for Certificate of ComplianceJustin Ryder81-124705/12/21
Weymothport Seawall, Request for Certificate of ComplianceWeymouthport Condominium Phase I81-108504/21/21
1500 Main Street, Request for Certificate of Compliance

John M. Corcoran & Co., LLC

395 Neck Street, Notice of IntentTom & Mary Kelly81-127405/07/21
87 Wharf Street, Notice of Intent Town of Weymouth81-127305/07/21
126 Wessagussett, Minor ModificationBruce and Diane Maltby81-125404/05/21
1183 Main Street, Notice of Intent S Barzola Construction Corp81-127504/08/21

Charlotte Stree & 0 Finnell Drive, Notice of Intent 

James Bristol 81-127204/08/21
1325 Washington Street, Notice of Intent Hanover R.S. Limited Partnership81-127104/08/21

234 River Street, Request for Determination

James CalabroNA04/07/21
15 Judson Road, Request for DeterminationMichael BonillaNA04/08/21
6 Hanifan Lane, Request for DeterminationJeffrey ImbrunoNA 
67 Heather Lane, Notice of IntentJoseph & Linda Nagle81-127003/23/21
15 & 17 Front Street, Notice of IntentMike McGough81-126903/04/21
55 Woodrock Road, Request for DeterminationGary RinkusNA02/26/21
28 Willow Lane, Request for DeterminationKeith PhelpsNA03/04/21
655 Washington Street, Notice of IntentTrinity Green Development, LLC81-126802/26/21
200 Libbey Industrial Parkway, Notice of IntentFoxrock 200 Libbey, LLC81-126702/04/21
17 Mutton Lane, Notice of Intent Community Baptist Church81-126601/25/21
Weathervane, Request for Final Certificate of ComplianceBristol Brothers Developement Corp.81-963, 81-75601/26/21
Meredith Way, Request for Final Certificate of ComplianceMeredith Woods, LLC81-102512/22/20
1427-1449 Main Street, Request for Determination Atlantic Development NA01/07/21
609 & 611 Pleasant Street, Notice of Intent Metrovision, LLC81-126501/08/21
96 Old Colony Drive, Notice of IntentMichael McCann81-126401/08/21
32 Beecher Street, Request for Final Certificate of ComplianceKen Ryder81-125012/03/20
29 Sea Captain's Waye, Notice of IntentChristina Pessia81-126311/20/20
110 Main St, Request for DeterminationStop & ShopNA11/25/20

1047 and "0" Washington St, Notice of Intent

Joe Gratta81-126210/30/20
Notice of Intent, Lovell Field Pedestrian BridgeTown of Weymouth81-126110/09/20
Greenvale Ave Gas Main InstallationNational Grid81-126010/08/20
Request for Determination, 786 Middle St.Beverly ConteNA10/07/20
145 Wessagussett RdJoseph Hannon, Atlantic Coast Engineering81-125910/06/20
Request for Determination, Vegetation Management along railroad right-of-wayKeolis Commuter ServicesNA09/25/2020

Request for Determination, 102 Flint Locke Drive

Jonathan StratfordN/A09/03/2020
“0” and 6 Bridge St, Notice of Intent, Phase II Site Investigation Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC81-125809/03/2020
11 Birch Road, Request for Final Certificate of ComplianceRobert & Laurel Callahan81-12418/12/2020
44 Revere Road, Minor Modification for DockDustin Briere81-12348/11/2020
44 Wharf St/Overlook Apartments, Notice of IntentWharf Assoc., LLCPending08/07/2020
141 Wessagussett Rd., Notice of IntentThe Cavallo Corp.81-12567/09/2020
137 Wessagussett Rd., Notice of IntentThe Cavallo Corp.81-12557/09/2020
126 Wessagussett Rd., Notice of IntentDiane Maltby-Pompeo81-125406/08/2020
129 Worthen Ave., Request for DeterminationAmy & Damien McIntyreN/A06/03/2020
5 Ledgebrook Rd., Request for DeterminationAndrew McLeanN/A06/05/2020
1093 Main St., Notice of IntentJohn O’Brien81-125212/24/2019
111 Iron Hill St., Request for DeterminationThomas AllenN/A05/08/20
0 Summer St (S32-B358-L7), Local-only Notice of IntentMento Corp.N/A05/08/20
White Oaks Lane/Washington St., Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation1317 Washington RE Holdings LLC81-12535/4/2020
720 Pleasant St, Amended Order RequestRyder Development Corp.81-12483/06/2020
Wessagusset Walk Vegetation ManagementTown of Weymouth




MassDOT Bridge St-Neck St Drainage Improvements

Pleasant St./Libbey Parkway Roadway ImprovementsJF Price Co.81-12319/24/2018
The Residences at 1500 Main St.JM Corcoran & Co.81-1235



Wessagussett Walk (Revised Plans)Town of Weymouth81-121305/15/2018