History of Civil Defense/Emergency Management

Civil Defense was developed in Europe and Japan before WWII in order to help civilians during air raids. Realizing the need for protection in the age of nuclear and thermonuclear war, the US Federal Government passed the Civil Defense Act in 1950 and in 1961 established the Civil Defense Administration. The Office of Civil Defense is now under the jurisdiction of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, however, the main responsibility for peacetime civil defense in the U.S. lies with each State's Government.

All communities use their Civil Defense Officers in different ways. You may be more familiar with Weymouth Civil Defense than you think. If you have ever attended a town event such as a parade or fireworks display, then chances are you’ve seen a Civil Defense Officer. They are in the street helping to direct and on the sidelines prepared and ready to help in whatever capacity they are needed.

In the past, Weymouth Civil Defense has participated in most of Weymouth’s events. Holiday parades, dedication services and annual events such as the Fourth of July fireworks, and air shows at the former Naval Air Station, South Weymouth are just a few examples.

Weymouth Civil Defense Officers are also out around town during storms and hurricanes. They assist the Police Department with evacuations, road closures and detours, and help transport people during severe storms. They also help on a more personal level, helping with missing persons searches.

The Weymouth Civil Defense Director, John Mulveyhill and other staff are continually in touch with town, state, federal officials, and with weather agencies, so we can be best prepared for any situation.

By becoming familiar with Civil Defense, you are HELPING US TO HELP YOU.