About the Emery Estate

king oak hill
King Oak Hill

The Emery Estate is a 24-acre property located at summit of King Oak Hill. The property was settled in the 1900's as a farm and single-family home. The Emery family - prominent wool merchants - owned and worked the property for nearly a century before selling to the Town of Weymouth in 2011. The property was purchased with $1.9 million in Community Preservation funds.  

The main house on the estate is a three-story colonial home modeled after George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate. The home was constructed by William H. Binnian, Esq. on or around 1903. Its isolation, sweeping grounds, and outstanding views of the Boston skyline made the home one of the premier properties in Weymouth.  

In 2018, the grounds of the estate were renovated to create a public park and outdoor events venue. The new King Oak Hill Park is open to the public for passive recreation during the hours of dawn to dusk or as otherwise posted. Any use of the park for an event requires permitting by the Town.

The Emery House is currently closed to the public.