Fore River Ave Seawall Project

Latest Information on the Fore River Ave Seawall Reconstruction
Fore River Ave Seawall


The Town was awarded a Dam and Seawall Repair Program Grant through the Commonwealth's Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. The objective of the project is to rebuild and improve the seawall, rock revetment, and additional coastal infrastructure along Fore River Avenue. The grant funding accounts for over $1.68 million of the total project cost. The current cost is approximately $2.25 million. The construction phase of the project is underway. 

Project Progress

Fore River Ave Seawall construction is underway and is anticipated to be substantially completed by the end of August with the top coating of the road scheduled for November, subject to the effects of settling (which may push top coating to the Spring of 2020).

About the Project 

Weymouth’s grant award will support the construction phase of the Fore River Avenue Seawall Project. Existing infrastructure along Fore River Avenue includes 905 feet of seawall and abutting armor stone, or rock revetment. Drainage along the roadway is managed by a patchwork of catch basins and outflow pipes that discharges untreated stormwater directly onto the beach and into the Weymouth Fore River. The condition of these structures varies greatly from one end of Fore River Avenue to the other.

The seawall’s eastern segment, running approximately 324 feet, has a top height of 14.5 feet above the average low tide, and has been rated in poor condition by the state’s Coastal Infrastructure Inventory and Assessment Project due to advanced levels of deterioration, cracking, spalling, undermining, and section loss. The roadway’s largest outflow pipe, measuring 24-inches in diameter, also has extensive breaking, crumpling, and section loss, which has led to beach erosion in the pipe’s immediate vicinity. The seawall’s western segment, in contrast, has a top height of 16.9 feet above the average low tide, and has been rated in fair condition due to previous reconstruction work in the late 1970s, which encapsulated the segment and increased its height by about 2.5 feet.

To enhance protection for residents and travelers along Fore River Avenue, the Town will relocate and reconstruct the eastern segment of the existing seawall, as well as expand and stabilize the existing rock revetment along the entire length of the roadway. The new segment of seawall will be cast-in-place concrete with a top height of 17.0 feet the above average low tide – a two and a half foot increase over current conditions. The roadway behind the wall will be raised approximately 18 inches and its width reduced to 25 feet, allowing the eastern seawall and adjacent rock revetment to be extended inland. The western segment of the seawall will remain unchanged, with the adjacent rock revetment reset and extended slightly seaward using one- to two-ton armor stones.

The result of the project will be a uniform seawall height of 17 feet above the average low tide and a uniform revetment height of 16 feet running the full length of Fore River Avenue, preserving nearly all the existing coastal beach, as the existing limits of the rock revetment will not significantly change.

About the Dam and Seawall Repair Program 

The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affair’s Dam and Seawall Program builds upon the Baker-Polito Administration’s commitment to strengthen the resilience of communities throughout Massachusetts by coordinating assistance to cities and towns as they prepare for the impacts of climate change. Since its inception, the Dam and Seawall Program has awarded over $46 million in grant and loans to support projects in more than 40 communities. Awards include both grants and loans.