About the Department

The City known as the Town of Weymouth, Massachusetts is located on the South Shore of the “Bay State”, about 6 miles south of Boston. It encompasses an area of 21.6 square miles with a resident population of 55,000.

The Weymouth Fire Department is comprised of 92 paid, permanent, full-time uniformed members, operating 3 engine companies and 1 ladder companies. Annual responses average 7,000 incidents, with 68% of those being for emergency medical service. All members, including the Fire Chief, are appointed under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 31 – Civil Service.

Fire protection challenges faced by the Department include: a 300-bed Class II Trauma Center; an 800 megawatt dual-fuel power generating station; a designated hazardous materials transportation route serving both fuel oil and chemical waste disposal vehicles; mass decontamination services for both the local hospital and regional communities; 2 commuter rail lines between the South Shore and Boston operating 54 trains daily; major roadways carrying 232,300 cars daily; a regional sewage pumping station; a rock quarry; and fire protection services for a 1405-acre decommissioned naval air station that is currently being developed as SouthField.

The Town is situated within Norfolk County, but the Weymouth Fire Department has contractual obligations to respond to 3 mutual aid fire districts: MetroFire (District 13), Norfolk County (District 4), and Plymouth County (District 2). The Department is also designated for response under the Statewide Fire Mobilization Plan.

The Town is divided into 4 fire districts with stations numbered accordingly as follows:

Station #1 195 North Street, North Weymouth, MA 02191

  • Engine #1 – 2003 E-One Typhoon
  • Station #2 (Headquarters) 636 Broad Street, East Weymouth, MA 02189
    • Administrative Offices Only

    Station #3 138 Winter Street, Weymouth, MA 02188

    • Engine #3 – 2003 E-One Typhoon
    • Ladder #2 – 2006 E-One Cyclone, HP100

    Station #5 246 Park Avenue, South Weymouth, MA 02190

    • Engine #5 – 1994 E-One Sentry
    • Mass Decontamination Unit

    The Department is broken down into 5 divisions with the following contact numbers:

    • Fire Administration Office of the Fire Chief 781-335-2291
    • Fire Suppression Office of the Shift Commander 781-340-5054
    • Fire Prevention Fire Prevention Coordinator 781-340-5000
    • Fire Training Training Coordinator 781-340-5050
    • Fire Alarm Superintendent of Fire Alarms 781-340-5021

    In case of emergency – Dial 9-1-1

    For administrative assistance, call 781-337-5151