Fire Suppression

The fire service has changed considerably over the years, but our primary duties remain life safety and the suppression of fire. Advances in equipment and tactics have helped protect firefighters and assist in thier duties but the actual job is still performed the same way as always, by the hard work of firefighters using the tools necessary to do the job.

Here in Weymouth firefighters are trained for an agressive fire attack in which an engine crew with four firefighters arrive on scene and immediately begin operations. Our first priority is life safety, if we have reason to believe there is anyone in the structure, search and rescue operations begin, otherwise its fire suppression. In any working fire several other companies will also be dispatched, the arriving ladder company begins ventilating the structure (by removing windows or cutting a hole in the roof depending on the location of the fire). Ventilation removes hot gases and smoke from the structure but also introduces oxygen, therefore it must be timed properly with the attack. The second arriving engine company secures a water supply for the first engine and then assists in suppression. The third engine company is the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) Team.