Open Burning

Open Air Burning

This year’s open burning season begins January 15, and will end on May 1.

Permits will be issued at Fire Department Headquarters during regular business hours including Saturday and Sunday.

The permit fee is $25.00

Conditions of open burning will be clearly detailed on your copy of the permit issued.

Authorization for burning is dependent upon atmospheric conditions and will be determined by the Shift Commander on a daily basis.

Permit holders must call 781-337-5151 ext.44233 after 9:45 each day you wish to burn.  The recorded message will tell you if burning is going to be allowed.

Non-compliance with conditions of the permit may result in fines and penalties under Massachusetts General Laws.

Please adhere to the guidelines set forth on your permit and do your part to help make this open burning season safe and nuisance free!

Captain Justin Myers

Fire Prevention Coordinator

Updated January 14, 2017