Mooring and Docking Permit Application

The Mooring and Docking Permit fee (user fee) and any current boat excise tax are both available to pay on this site.   Both user fee and taxes must be paid for the permit to be issued. 

Payment processing fee (may add both tax and user fee to shopping cart for pay one fee)

                                    $.40 for ACH/EFT (checking or savings account)

                                    2.95 % for CREDIT CARD (minimum of $1.00)

USER FEE INFORMATION (please read carefully)

  • A copy of your current State Registration or Coast Guard Documentation must be on file in the office of the Harbormaster by AUGUST 1, 2017.  It may be mailed to the Harbormaster’s address below.
  • All piers, floats, or structures that are bottom-anchored within Weymouth’s Waterways, should be inspected annually by the Harbormaster, and a 10-A permit issued per Chapter 91 and Waterways Regulation 310 CMR 9.07.     
  • Owner’s last namelength of vessel, and your assigned mooring location number must be permanently affixed on all mooring balls before the vessel is placed on the mooring.  Violators will be fined.
  • The user fee is $6.00 per foot (centerline measurement – round up if .5 or greater).  This fee applies to every vessel twelve (12) feet, or greater, in length. 
    Once approved and processed, the permit (decal) will be mailed to the address submitted here.  It must be displayed on the port (left) quarter of your vessel when vessel is launched.
  • No vessel will be allowed to moor or dock within Weymouth waters without the current year’s decal properly affixed to their vessel.
  • If you no longer own a vessel (sold, traded, etc.), purchased a different vessel, or your vessel is not in Weymouth waters, it is your responsibility to inform the Weymouth Assessor’s Office of this matter.   If you fail to do so, you will be accountable for all taxes, fees, and penalties. 

Failure to comply with the above instructions could mean the loss of your mooring/slip privileges within Weymouth waters and a fine.  By completing and submitting this application, you are agreeing that you have read the above information and will comply with all of the above. 


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182 GREEN STREET · NORTH WEYMOUTH · MA · 02191 · (781) 682-3852

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