Connecting Our Communities and Resources

The links between the pictures will connect you with short videos that provide a perspective on the evolution of Weymouth's communities and resources with some ideas about our goals for the future.

I - Evolution of Our Town 
II -  Some Resources 
  III - Rethinking Our Future

From the Vision Statement in Weymouth ’s 2001 Master Plan - ‘A COMMUNITY OF CONNECTED NEIGHBORHOODS'.

“ Weymouth should pull together all the elements that make the town a family-oriented community….  It should be a town that takes pride in its visual quality, while maintaining its history and small town character. This should be a community that preserves its diverse villages and rich culture through careful development that ensures appropriate use of its clean air, water and land resources, and balances economic development with well-maintained open space. As a community that provides a high quality of life within its villages for people of all ages and abilities, the town should develop a well-networked system of transportation and open space infrastructure that includes public transit, bicycle trails, and walking paths. Within this system, the town should provide connections to all its recreational areas and waterfront resources, its business communities, and the established residential neighborhoods. The many parts of Weymouth should be defined as one community, intimately connected by its infrastructure.”