Phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccinations have begun in Massachusetts, with individuals age 75 and older in the first wave of eligible residents. 

The Town of Weymouth is proud to play a part in the vaccine rollout in Massachusetts, and we look forward to providing as many vaccinations as possible to our patients. 

At this time however, the State Department of Public Health is only distributing 100 DOSES PER WEEK to the town.  Due to the very limited supply, we will only be able to hold very small 100 patient per week clinics.

The Town will be holding these small clinics for residents age 75+ beginning the 3rd week of February in our municipal buildings.  

Beginning next week, we will be calling residents age 75+ to ask and assist them in scheduling an appointment at our clinics.  We have compiled a phone list of residents through several state and local databases.  Individuals will be contacted on a random basis which we feel is the most fair and equitable process.

Individuals that require additional assistance with transportation will be given the opportunity to request transportation to the site locations at the time of scheduling.

Individuals that are homebound and cannot come directly to a clinic will be placed on a list that will be serviced by a Mobile vaccination team in the coming weeks.  

Given our population of over 5000 residents age 75+ and the very limited supply of vaccine, we and the state strongly recommend that you not wait for an appointment from the town of Weymouth.  We recommend that residents use the States Website or if you do not have computer access use the State’s Phone call line (DIAL 211) M-F 8:30-5 to register for other clinic locations. 

We ask that residents please refrain from calling or emailing the Town of Weymouth for information on COVID-19 vaccines so that we can keep our phone lines open to better serve our residents.

We thank you for your patience and hope to expand our vaccine capabilities in the coming weeks as more vaccine becomes available.     

Weymouth Health Department