Libbey Parkway Signalization Work to begin in May

Work on the construction of a new signalized intersection at the crossing of Libbey Industrial Parkway and Pleasant Street in South Weymouth will begin in May and continue through the summer. The signalization and associated work was a requirement of the Weymouth Zoning Board of appeals’ decision that approved the Alexan at Arbor Hill Development in 2004. The project is being paid for by Bristol Bros. Development Corporation. 

“In 2018 we held a public forum to discuss the design and construction of the intersection, including signalization,” said Mayor Hedlund. “I am happy to see this project entering the construction phase as the intersection improvements, particularly the four-way signal, will greatly improve the area and traffic flow as well as make it safer, reduce vehicle overflow, and ease congestion.”

The intersection improvements resulted from the Alexan residential development between Burkhall Street and Tall Oaks Drive, located off Pleasant Street in South Weymouth. Rather than signalize the existing T-intersection at Libbey Parkway and Pleasant Street, Bristol Bros. opted to construct a four-way signalized intersection with a new roadway connecting directly to the adjacent quarry for safer access and egress. The existing quarry access road will be retained as a right-turn only entrance from Pleasant Street with limited right-turn egress. This plan goes above and beyond the requirements of the BZA decision from 2004.

Construction will begin in May with most of the initial work being completed off of the roadway. Beginning in June, street widening will take place as well as installation of a new curb and sidewalk. As this work commences throughout the summer, one travel lane may be occupied by construction work during the daytime hours. Two-way traffic will still be maintained in this area with a police detail. There may be some delays resulting from occasional alternating traffic flow as is necessary.

Based on the current construction schedule, the pavement will be milled and a top coat of new pavement applied by the end of summer. This may require alternating traffic flows and potential delays. Signage and police details will be implemented to control traffic. In addition, the work will be completed during overnight hours when businesses are closed to avoid high volume and peak times of day.

The project will result in improvements and signalization of the Pleasant Street/ Libbey Industrial Parkway intersection, and the extension of the Libbey Industrial Parkway roadway southerly into the Bristol Industrial area.

A notice to abutters was distributed by the Mayor and Department of Planning and Community Development. Please see below for the complete construction schedule. Questions can be directed to the Town’s Traffic Engineer, Owen MacDonald, by contacting the Department of Planning and Community Development at 781-340-5015.

Construction Schedule (subject to change)


Work on the completion of coring of mast arm foundations and pouring concrete at all 4 corners of the intersection. National Grid will work on the remaining pole relocations. Trees that need to be removed will be done toward the end of the month.

June- July

This is when the bulk of the roadway work will take place. We anticipate that during these 2 months the majority of the curb work, road widening and conduit trenching will happen.


In August we anticipate that we will be adding sensors in the road.  The traffic light work will be completed with mast arms installed. Asphalt milling and paving will commence on the roads.


We will use this time on the back end of the schedule for punch list items, final clean-up and traffic light programming.

Electronic sign boards will be placed on both Pleasant Street and the northern end of Libbey Parkway notifying motorists of construction activity.