Pearl Street Main Relay Project Announcement

Construction on the Pearl Street Main Relay Project will begin on June 15,2020. The main work will occur along National Grid’s existing gas main; beginning at the intersection of Norton and Pearl Street, continuing along North, Neck, and Green Street where the relay will be completed at the intersection of Green and Bridge Street. See the aerial map here.

The Pearl Street Main Relay Project will replace approximately 4,065 feet of existing 8” 137.5 PSIG coated-steel 1968 main with new 12” coated-steel main along; Pearl, North, Neck, and Green Street, located in North Weymouth. The goal of this project is to further enhance the safe, reliable operation of our existing local gas
delivery network. There will be no planned interruption of service to existing customers during this construction. 

Stay Informed:
National Grid is committed to keeping residents, businesses, local officials, and community groups informed and engaged in the project. Throughout the project, if you have any questions or would like additional information, please reach out to our Stakeholder Relations Specialist, Kendra McAuliffe.
We value community input and welcome your questions and feedback.

Complete Announcement - PDF