Veteran's Wall Update

The Weymouth Veterans Services office is finalizing the roster of eligible Weymouth veterans to be added to the Veterans Memorial Wall on Middle Street next to Town Hall.  We have been collecting names since the last update over ten years ago.  If you have a loved one who you believe should be memorialized on the wall please contact the Veterans Office at (781)340-2405, or . The Veterans' Office will verify elligibility and add their names if 1) Served on Active Duty (AD) Honorably, 2) Either joined AD from Weymouth or returned to Weymouth immediately after service, and 3) served during a period of conflict or war (WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and 1990 to present day). A release form found on the Veterans page of the Town website is required of all living veterans in order to respect their wishes.  Family members of deceased veterans can contact us for consideration as well.  Time is of the essence; please do not hesitate to contact the office as we only have a short time before we need to submit a finalized roster.  We look forward to recognizing as many Weymouth veterans as possible.  Please contact the office with any questitons you may have.