Sexual Harassment 

The Town of Weymouth does not tolerate sexual harassment. Sexual harassment of employees occurring in the workplace, or in other settings in which employees find themselves in connection with their employment or town business, is unlawful and will not be tolerated by the Town. [more...] PDF

Equal Employment Opportunity 

It is the opinion of the Town of Weymouth that a diverse town needs a diverse government. We are committed to complying with all applicable Federal and State laws regarding non-discrimination and equal opportunity. The Town will not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, veteran status, disability (where it does not alter their job, program or activity) or on the basis of other non-merit factor in the hiring and promotion process. [more...] PDF

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Town of Weymouth has established an FMLA policy in compliance with the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. Absences are approved for the care associated with the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child; to care for a family member or household member who has a serious health conditions; or when the employee is unable to work due to a serious medical condition as outlined in the FMLA or 1993.


FMLA policy with request form

Certification of Employees serious health condiditon

Certification of Family members serious health condiditon

Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Current Servicemember - -for Military Family Leave

Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave

Certification of Qualifying Exigency For Military Family Leave

Americans' With Disabilities Act

It is the policy of the Town of Weymouth that no employee or applicant for employment shall be discriminated against because her or she is a person with a disability in regards to any position for which, in the Town’s reasonable opinion, the employee or applicant for employment is qualified, in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American’s Disability Act of 1990.
(Under Construction) [more...] PDF

Employee Telecommunications / Computer System Policy

The Town of Weymouth provides staff with the ability to send messages and information through voice mail, fax mail, electronic mail (e-mail) and in some cases through the internet. It is the policy of the Town of Weymouth to support the Internet Service access and email access policies of its suppliers on the internet and email connectivity, and the Town of Weymouth will enforce those policies to the best of its ability. The Town of Weymouth also supports those elements of Internet and email policies that demand network etiquette and due consideration for user’s rights to privacy and freedom of exposure to offensive material.
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HIPAA Notice Of Privacy Practices  

Protected Health Information (PHI) is information, including demographic information, that may identify you and that relates to health care services provided to you, the payment of health care services provided to you, or your physical or mental health or condition, in the past, present or future. This Notice of Privacy Practices describes how we may use and disclose your PHI. It also describes your rights to access and control your PHI. [more...] PDF