Mayor announces Rain Barrel Program to support water conservation

Weymouth, MA – Mayor Robert Hedlund announced today that the Town of Weymouth will partner with the Great American Rain Barrel Company of Hyde Park to offer discounted rain barrels to residents for water conservation efforts. Each rain barrel can collect and store up to 60 gallons of rainwater for outdoor use, helping residents save money on their water bills while still irrigating their plants and gardens.

“Families in Weymouth continue to recognize the importance of preserving our natural resources,” said Mayor Robert Hedlund. “Rain barrels are a thoughtful and economical way for households to make a difference while saving money. I am glad that we can partner with the Great American Rain Barrel Company to make these barrels more accessible to residents.”

Rain barrels easily connect to downspouts and are filled by runoff from homes. Based on the average roof size in Weymouth, more than two 60-gallon rain barrels could be filled for every half inch of rainfall in the town. Each barrel is retrofitted with a threaded spigot and a choice of two ports for use with either a watering can or a garden hose.

Rainwater is chlorine free and a sustainable source of water for indoor plants and outdoor gardens. Storing rainwater can help households save new or existing landscaping in the event of dry weather, as well as provide a supplemental source of water for outdoor irrigation when water usage rates are high, providing cost savings for homeowners. In addition, runoff from homes and developments can be harmful to existing water resources due to discharged pollutants. Capturing runoff can have a positive impact on a community’s water quality.

“We are bringing rain barrels to residents to help manage rising water costs, save vegetation from drought conditions, and help our community protect its aquifers,” said Weymouth’s Solid Waste Coordinator Fred Happel. “We want residents to use rain barrels because they are an effective way to collect and save water.”

Rain barrels are available to residents at a discounted price of $79.00 per barrel, which is 40 percent below their retail value ($119.00). Barrels may be purchased in three ways:

Purchases must be finalized by midnight on Sunday, October 29th, 2017. Prepaid barrels will be available for pick up on Saturday, November 4th, 2017, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am at the Weymouth Department of Public Works (120 Winter Street).    

Rain barrels from the Great American Rain Barrel Company are repurposed shipping drums made of polyethylene, which is UV protected and BPA free. Each barrel is 39 inches tall, 24 inches wide, and 20 pounds heavy when empty. Barrels are offered in three different colors: earth brown, forest green, and Nantucket grey.