Public meeting on new signalized intersection at Libbey Parkway and Pleasant Street planned for April 18

Libbey Pkwy at Pleasant Street
Libbey Pkwy at Pleasant Street

Weymouth, MA – Mayor Robert Hedlund announced today that the Town’s Department of Planning and Community Development will co-host a public informational meeting on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, for the design and construction of a new signalized intersection at the crossing of Libbey Industrial Parkway and Pleasant Street in South Weymouth. The purpose of this meeting is to provide an opportunity for residents to become fully acquainted with the project’s scope and preliminary schedule. Bristol Bros. Development Corporation of Hingham and McMahon Transportation Engineers & Planners of Boston will lead the meeting and respond to public questions with support from the Town’s planning staff. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm in the Town Council Chambers at Weymouth Town Hall (75 Middle Street).

Construction of the signalized intersection is a requirement of the Weymouth Board of Zoning Appeals’ special permit decision that approved the Alexan at Arbor Hill Development in 2004. The development is currently underway and will create 242 new residential units between Burkhall Street and Tall Oaks Drive, located off Pleasant Street in South Weymouth. As developer of the project, Bristol Bros. is responsible for satisfying the special permit’s requirements, including all funding for the new intersection.

Rather than signalize the existing T-intersection at Libbey Parkway and Pleasant Street, Bristol Bros. intends to construct a four-way signalized intersection with a new roadway connecting directly to the adjacent quarry for safer access and egress. The existing quarry access road will be retained as a right-turn only entrance from Pleasant Street with limited right-turn egress. To provide sufficient sidewalk and street width for the new intersection, Bristol Bros. has acquired three residential parcels along Pleasant Street and has purchased strips of land from Harvard Vanguard Medical’s Weymouth MRI and a fourth residential parcel. The four-way intersection will include dedicated left-turn lanes at the approaches from Pleasant Street and the new roadway from the quarry. Signal prioritization for left turns will be implemented where appropriate.          

“This project goes above and beyond what the Board of Zoning Appeals required of the developer,” said Mayor Robert Hedlund. “The new intersection will reduce vehicle accidents and ease congestion from all the vehicles entering and exiting Libbey Industrial Parkway and Quarry Road. It’s a win-win for all parties, and it’s a great project for the community.”