Weymouth partners with South Shore Health System for emergency ambulance service

Town committee voted unanimously for South Shore EMS noting its integrated approach to care.

Weymouth, MA – Fulfilling a campaign promise to have a competitive process ensuring Weymouth is getting the best emergency medical service for its residents, the Town of Weymouth announced that South Shore Health System has been awarded Weymouth’s Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) contract.

The award is the culmination of a two-year effort, starting with the development of a comprehensive Request for Proposal (RFP) and ending with an extensive review of three proposals received, submitted by Fallon Ambulance Service, Brewster Ambulance Service and South Shore Health System.

The process marked the first time in almost two decades that the town’s Emergency Ambulance Service was competitively awarded. “We used this opportunity to review the town’s needs and ensure we’re getting the most beneficial deal for the town. It is in no way a reflection on our current provider, Fallon Ambulance, who has provided Weymouth quality service for many years or Brewster Ambulance Service, who is an important member of the Weymouth business community with a solid reputation in the industry. This was a matter of due diligence on behalf of the residents of Weymouth,” said Mayor Robert Hedlund.

As part of an open and transparent process, the bids were made available online for residents to review and comment, noted Mayor Hedlund.

The Review Committee was made up of Weymouth Fire Chief Keith Stark, Weymouth Police Chief Richard Grimes, Director of Emergency Management John Mulveyhill, Health Director Dan McCormack, and Chief of Staff Ted Langill.

“I want to thank the Review Committee for their effort and recommendation. It was clear that committee members spent a lot of time reviewing every detail of all threeproposals. They had a tough choice, as all three proposals had Weymouth’s best interests in mind,” Mayor Hedlund said.

After weeks of review, South Shore Health System was unanimously chosen by the committee members. The EAS committee felt South Shore Health System demonstrated that it’s more than just an ambulance service, and noted it is a resource to deliver integrated health care to the citizens of Weymouth. South Shore Health System offered a unique look at how Weymouth can be at the forefront of health care innovation, according to the EAS committee.

President and CEO of South Shore Health System, Gene E. Green, MD, MBA, said he is grateful and proud of the new venture, noting the partnership advances the Health System’s mission to offer high-quality care to the people on the South Shore.

“Extending our Health System out into the community starts right in our home town,” said Green. “We have transformed from South Shore Hospital to an independent community Health System that delivers state-of-the-art care in many disciplines. This is the future of health care for better patient outcomes.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity to continue our legacy of service to the people of Weymouth,” said Jason Tracy, MD, Chair of Emergency Medicine for South Shore Hospital. “We look forward to integrating Weymouth Police and Weymouth Fire into our comprehensive approach to emergency medical services.”

Under the new partnership, South Shore Health System will continue to train and educate Weymouth Fire on the delivery of emergency medical services. Weymouth Fire will have access to required training through the South Shore Hospital EMS Training Division, emergency vehicle operator courses, bleeding control programs, Narcan training and more.

“As a part of the EAS Committee, it was our responsibility to take into account all aspects of patient care for Weymouth residents,” said Weymouth Fire Chief Keith Stark. “As the Fire Chief, I also had to ensure that the firefighters receive the highest level of training along with the very best equipment. South Shore Health System demonstrated professionalism during this process, and it offers our community the very best patient care.”

South Shore EMS is currently made up of 70 EMS professionals, two simulations laboratories (one mobile and one fixed) and 10 physical ambulances, which transport over 11,000 patients annually.

South Shore Health System’s proposal includes the addition of:

  • 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulances 24/7
  • 1 Advanced Life Support Field Supervisor 24/7
  • 1 Basic Life Support Ambulance 24/7
  • 1 Basic Life Support Ambulance 16/7
  • Basic Life Support Ambulance can convert to an Advanced Life Support Ambulance with the addition of the ALS field Supervisor
  • Back up resources included 2 Advanced Life Support Ambulance and 8 Basic Life Support Ambulances

“Our Police Department is excited to expand our longstanding partnership with the Health System,” said Weymouth Police Chief Richard Grimes. “Our shared vision of stepping into the future of emergency medical service will provide the model of outstanding EMS delivery to our Weymouth community.”

Mayor Hedlund and committee members expressed appreciation and gratitude to both Fallon and Brewster for their time, bids and continued support of Weymouth.

“This decision was made harder by the fact that both Fallon and Brewster are key supporters of our town and community,” said Mayor Hedlund. “Brewster chose to make Weymouth their home with a $6 million headquarters and we continue to be grateful for their support and partnership.”