MA Public Library Construction Program

Many state and federal programs offer grants to support municipal projects. These programs are often highly competitive, and require municipalities to match all or a portion of the total funding that they receive.

Find a list of grants secured by the Town of Weymouth below.

Please Note: This list is not comprehensive.

Grant or Program
FY  Awarded 
Award Amount
Town Dept.
A&F - Fore River Ave Walking Path StudyFY20$10,000Mayor's Office
A&F - Sergeant Chesna Memorial GrantFY20$10,000Mayor's Office
Assistance to Firefighters GrantFY19$90,910Fire
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety GrantFY19$4,000Police
Coastal Resilience GrantFY18$397,500Public Works
Coastal Resilience GrantFY17$51,504Public Works
Community Compact CabinetFY16$5,000Mayor's Office
Community Compact Cabinet - HR Policy UpdateFY20$10,000Mayor's Office
Community Compact Cabinet - Jackson Square StudyFY20$25,000Planning
Complete Streets Funding ProgramFY17$386,645Planning
Complete Streets Funding ProgramFY16$46,088Planning
Community Transit GrantFY181 vehicleElder Services
Community Transit GrantFY20$87,000Elder Services
Dam and Seawall ProgramFY19$782,700Public Works
Dam and Seawall ProgramFY18$1,685,887 Public Works
Dam and Seawall ProgramFY17$150,000Public Works
EEA Planning Assistance GrantFY20$50,000Planning
Electric Vehicle Incentive ProgramFY17$25,000Mayor's Office
Electric Vehicle Incentive ProgramFY20$25,000Mayor's Office
Farm Credit East Farmers Market GrantFY20$250Recreation
First Responder Naloxone GrantFY18$17,000Police
First Responder Naloxone GrantFY17$16,485Police
First Responder Naloxone GrantFY16$13,957Police
Green Communities Competitive GrantFY20$225,373Asset Mgmt. 
Green Communities Competitive GrantFY19$250,000Asset Mgmt.
Green Communities Competitive GrantFY18$250,000Asset Mgmt.
Green Communities Designation GrantFY17$277,635Planning
Housing Choice Initiative Grant FY20$183,000Planning
Healthy Summer Youth Jobs GrantFY20$2,970Recreation

Healthy Summer Youth Jobs Grant

Library Services and Technology Act Innovative (LSTA) GrantFY17$21,375Libraries
Massachusetts Public Library Construction ProgramFY18$12,085,184Libraries
MassWorks Infrastructure ProgramFY19$640,000Planning
MassWorks Infrastructure ProgramFY17$1,601,000Planning
Municipal Small Bridge ProgramFY17$500,000Public Works
Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action GrantFY18$129,557Public Works
Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Planning GrantFY17$25,000Planning
PARC Program (Parkland Acquisition & Renovations for Communities)FY17$400,000Planning
Rapid LED Streetlight Conversion ProgramFY18$249,382Asset Mgmt.
Recreational Trails ProgramFY19$50,000Recreation
SAFER Grant (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response)FY20$559,418Fire
Seaport Economic Council ProgramFY17$184,000Planning
South Shore Community Behavioral Health InitiativeFY19$65,000Health
SMRP Recycling Dividends ProgramFY19$28,000Public Works
SMRP Recycling Dividends ProgramFY18$31,500Public Works
SMRP Recycling Dividends ProgramFY17$26,000Public Works
Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) ProgramFY17$10,139Fire
Washer-Extractor Equipment GrantFY20$5,000Fire
Youth Opioid Prevention GrantFY17$13,240Police