Historic Preservation

Dugout Native Canoe
Mishoon (Dugout Canoe)

The Department of Planning and Community Development acts in partnership with the Historical Commission for the preservation, promotion, and development of the historical assets of the Town of Weymouth.

Resources and strategies for historic preservation include the Town's Community Preservation Fund and Demolition Delay Ordinance.  

Community Preservation Fund

The Community Preservation Fund is a local revenue fund that supports the acquisition, creation, and preservation of historic resources in the Town of Weymouth. A "historic resource” is defined as any building, property, structure, or object that is either (a) listed on the Massachusetts Register of Historic Places or (b) identified as historically or architecturally significant by the Town Historical Commission. Learn more about the Community Preservation Fund here. 

Demolition Delay Ordinance

The Town Demolition Delay Ordinance provides a “window of opportunity” to preserve historically significant buildings by encouraging owners to consider alternatives to demolition. The Historical Commission is responsible for compiling a list of all known historically significant buildings in the community. These properties are automatically subject to the protections of the Demolition Delay Ordinance. Learn more about the Demolition Delay process here.

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