Kibby Property

Back River Trail Connection
kibby property
Kibby Property
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The Kibby Property is a conservation partnership between the Town of Weymouth and Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). In 2010, the Town partnered with DCR to acquire a conservation restriction on 1.3 acres of privately owned commercial property located directly on the shores of the Weymouth Back River. The property, previously owned by Richard Kibby, was purchased with a combination of local Community Preservation funds and state land acquisitions funds. The property abuts Abigail Adams State Park to the east and has been integrated into the larger Back River Reservation as a greenway connector.

The Kibby Property was dedicated in October of 2016 and features waterfront walking paths that connect directly to the 7.6-acre promontory at Abigail Adams State Park. The new park connection protects 230 feet of natural shoreline, expands the area of contiguous open space at Abigail Adams State Park by over 10 percent, and enhances wildlife value and opportunities for passive recreation in Weymouth. DCR will maintain the land in perpetuity, and parking will be shared with Abigail Adams State Park. Long term, Weymouth hopes to develop a unified park circuit spanning the full length of the Back River that will incorporate various state and local parks in Weymouth and Hingham.