King Oak Hill Park

A cooperative project between the Town of Weymouth and the Massachusetts PARC Program
king oak hill park
King Oak Hill
The park is CLOSED due to construction. For questions related to the park project, please email

In December 2016, the Town of Weymouth received $400,000 in grant funding through the Massachusetts Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) program for park improvements to the King Oak Hill property, also known as the Emery Estate. The Town Council voted unanimously to accept the grant and approved $1.7 million in borrowing for the project cost. The PARC program will reimburse the Town $400,000 for work completed.

The Emery Estate is a 24-acre property located on King Oak Hill in East Weymouth. The property was owned by the Emery family and operated as a single-family home (and at times, a working farm) for nearly 100 years. The Town purchased the property in 2011 with $1.9 million in Community Preservation funds. The land is largely untouched open space and is equivalent in area to about 18 football fields. Proposed park improvements to the property include parking to accommodate public use, safe vehicle and pedestrian access from Emery Lane, a pavilion and restroom building to support outdoor events, and a loop walking path that highlights the property’s isolation and open space.

king oak hill parkSite Plan for Construction    

In January 2017, the Town hired Shadley Associates Landscape Architects of Lexington to design King Oak Hill Park as an accessible public space for passive recreation and programmed outdoor events. Two public meetings were held on the design of the park, and a third meeting was held prior to construction, so residents could become fully acquainted with the project's scope and anticipated work schedule.

The site plan for King Oak Hill Park separates the park's vehicular and pedestrian elements, and includes the following park improvements:

  • Resurfacing of Emery Lane
  • New curb and sidewalk on Emery Lane
  • New park gate and raised crosswalk
  • 55 parking spaces (reduced from 90)
  • Drop off area with handicapped and bicycle parking 
  • Drainage swale and stormwater infiltration area
  • Pipe connection to underground drainage system
  • New 1,500-SF outdoor open pavilion
  • New 500-SF restroom building  
  • New interpretive panel and wayfinding signage
  • New handicapped-accessible loop walking path with benches

In October 2017, the Town awarded the contract for construction of King Oak Hill Park to MDR Construction Company of Tewksbury. Construction began in October 2017 and is anticipated to be substantially complete by July 2018. Landscaping and other park finishes will require further time, extending final completion of the project into the fall of 2018. The park will open at that time following a dedication event. 

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