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Frequently asked questions received from the public: 

  • Requests for a Municipal Lien Certificate (MLC) must be mailed to Tax Collector, Weymouth Town Hall, 75 Middle St. Weymouth, MA 02189 along with a payment of $50 (check only).  Please also include a self-addressed stamped envelope.  MLCs will be available no later than 10 days upon receipt of payment. 
  • If you received a notice from the Registry of Motor Vehicles informing you that you can not renew your license or registration due to delinquent excise tax you must call Deputy Collector John Y. Brady at (781) 545-5125 Monday through Friday 8:30AM-5PM (closed midday from 12PM to 12:30PM).  A satellite office is located at Weymouth Landing (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10AM to 12PM/12:30PM to 4PM).
  • If you do not specifically require a receipt for your tax transaction, it is recommended that you place your payments into the drop box that is conveniently located next to Town Hall.  You may drop-off your tax payments at any time during the day or evening.  Make sure your that your transaction is placed in a sealed envelope.  Please note that your cancelled check is your receipt of payment. 
  • All questions regarding property valuation, real estate tax abatement and/or exemption thereof are best handled by the Assessor’s office at (781) 682-3852.   
  • If you require Information on the amount you paid in motor vehicle excise tax, you must appear in person at the Tax Collector office at Town Hall as we do not relay this information over the phone or via email. Proper ID is required. 
  • If you received an excise bill for a vehicle or boat that you no longer own, you may apply for an abatement. Be advised that it is still possible that you may be responsible for part of the tax assessment depending on the date you transferred the title. It is recommended that you pay your tax bill in full and then apply for the abatement.
  • If you received an excise tax bill from Weymouth, but have since moved, there are two avenues to pursue: a) if you moved within Massachusetts, you must pay Weymouth and then update your garaging information with the Registry of Motor Vehicles (MA DOT).  Next year, you should receive your excise assessment from your new town/city, or, b) if you have moved out of Massachusetts, you may apply for an abatement, but please see the list of required documentation before seeking an abatement. 
  • If you received an email from our online billing/payment site for only one of your excise tax bill, it is likely you have used our site in the past for this registration only. You must locate your other invoice(s) as it will not be in your signed-in account.  Once your initial bill is in the “shopping cart”, you may click on the link “I want to find more invoices” to search for additional bill(s) to also add to cart.  
  • Payments can only be made in person, online, or via mail as we do not accept any payment over the phone, nor do we accept partial payments of excise tax.    
  • If you received a real estate tax bill for property you no longer own, please forward it to the new owner.  Tax bills are based on the owner of record as of January 1st. The "E-Bills" may be stopped by unsubscribing from the email service. 
  • If you are filing a tax return and need to know how much you paid in real estate taxes, you may utilize our online billing/payment to locate your information.
  • If you need to change your mailing address for motor vehicle excise tax, you must update your information (registration and license) with the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  • If you need to change your mailing address for real estate taxes, you must submit a Change of Address form to the Weymouth Assessor's Office. Forms are available in the Form section of the town website.  
  • Bills for Real Estate and Personal Property are mailed twice per year, typically July 1st and January 1st, but payments are due four times a year.  Payments are due by: first quarter August 1st, second quarter November 1st, third quarter February 1st, and fourth (final) quarter May 1st. 
  • Motor vehicle excise bills are usually mailed every February, however, vehicles registered after January 1st may expect to receive a bill at a later date.

You are more than welcome to call the Collector's Office with your questions and we will do our best to respond in a timely manner.

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Paula J. MacLeod Assistant Collector