Yard Sales

Yard Sales

Yard sale permits can be obtained through the Town Clerk's Office.  The cost is $2.00 per day.

Cut off times for permit requests

Deadline for filing for permit is Thursday at 4:30 PM for a Saturday/Sunday sale.

Clarification of rain date

Should it rain on the indicated rain date of the permit-one is allowed one (1) “grace raindate rescheduling” which must be held on the following weekend. Should it rain again, a new permit and fee must be collected.


Signage can be erected (3) three days prior to sale and must be taken down (2) days following sale-responsibility lies on the permit holder

Refund Policy

Refunds will not be made under any circumstances.

Aforementioned procedures are to be used in conjunction with the Yard Sale Ordinance Section 6-1101.

Procedures were approved by Council President Michael Smart and Mayor Susan Kay.