Measures Before Council - 2021

Year 2021
Measure Number Title 
21 001

Acceptance of Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure-65 Greenvale Avenue

21 002Acceptance of Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure-33 Bridle Path
21 003Reappointment- Town Clerk- Kathleen Deree
21 004Reappointment- Assistant Town Clerk- Lee Hultin
21 005

Reserve Fund Transfer- Fire Department Needs 

21 006Wharf Street Incinerator Demolition and Site Remediation
21 007Community Preservation Fund Transfer for the Purpose of Digitizing Historical Library Documents
21 008Request to Enter into 5-Year School Bus Transportation Contract
21 009Reserve Fund Transfer-Weymouth Fire Fighters Collective Bargaining Agreement
21 010Review of Measure No. 17 127-Zoning Amendment to Create a Commercial Corridor Overlay District (Section 120-25.14
21 011NGRID/Verizon Joint Utility Petition-Pole Relocation-Seaver Road
21 012NGRID/Verizon Joint Utility Petition - Withdrawn
21 013Municipal Fiber Broad Band Master Plan
21 014Appointment to Cultural Council-Dominic Paulo
21 015Reappointment  WETC Board of Directors- Christopher Castro
21 016 

Home Rule Petition- Retirement of Officer Sean Murphy

21 017Reappointment to Construction Steering Committee-John Gillan
21 018Reappointment to Historical Commission-Mark Schneider
21 019Reappointment to Local Emergency Planning Committee-Jonathan Tose
21 020Reappointment to Community Events Committee-Frannie Xerokostas
21 021Reappointment to Recreation Commission-Keith Ricci
21 022Reappointment to Waterfront Committee-Patricia O'Leary
21 023Reappointment to Zoning Board of Appeals-Kemal Denizkurt
21 024Reappointment to Board of Assessors-Paul Haley
21 025Appointment to Board of Registrars-Lisa Knoppe-Reed
21 026Appointment to Conservation Commission-Alexander Donovan
21 027Authorizing the Weymouth Police Department to Enter into a Five-Year Contract for Body Camera and Vehicle Video Communication Systems
21 028Community Preservation Fund Transfer for the Replacement of Windows at Pope Towers

21 029

Reappointment Recreation Commission-Stephen Ames
21 030Reappointment Cultural Council-Joseph Bisbee
21 031Reappointment Waterfront Committee-Nancy Blazo
21 032Reappointment Waterfront Committee-Paul Brooks
21 033Reappointment Historical Commission-James Clarke
21 034Reappointment Community Events Committee-Michele Connaire
21 035Reappointment Zoning Board of Appeals-Brandon Diem
21 036Reappointment Board of Library Trustees-Christa Dunn
21 037Reappointment Scholarship Fund Committee-Jamie Lane
21 038Reappointment Veteran's Council-Francine Nesson
21 039Reappointment Community Events Committee-Karyn O'Neil
21 040Reappointment Cultural Council-Mary Pap
21 041Reappointment Planning Board-Paul Rotondo
21 042Reappointment Community Events Committee-Mary Roy
21 043Reappointment Scholarship Fund Committee-Annmarie Rush
21 044Reappointment Memorial Committee-Keith Spain
21 045Reappointment Cemetery Commission-Deborah Sullivan
21 046Reappointment Historical Commission-Jenn Weiss-Donovan
21 047Reappointment Local Emergency Planning Committee- Stephen White
21 048Reappointment Commission on Disabilities-Frank Burke
21 049Reappointment Cultural Council-Hong Vuong
21 050Appointment Planning Board-Carsten Snow-Eikelberg
21 051Borrowing Authorization for Road and Sidewalk Repairs and Reconstruction
21 052Amend Measure 20 072 (Adams MS Renovation as Part of the New Chapman MS Project)
21 053Independent Audit Fee
21 054Water Retained Earnings-Libbey Park Replacement Well Implementation
21 055Community Preservation Fund Transfer for the Preservation of the First Church
21 056Council Authorization to Expend CDBG & HOME Funds Fy 2021-2022
21 057Legal Department Line Item Transfer/ Supplemental Appropriation Request
21 058Reserve Fund Transfer- 53rd Payroll
21 059Reappointment Recreation Commissiont-Mark Kilban
21 060Reappointment Conservation Commission- Alexander Donovan
21 061Reappointment 3rd of July Committee- Ronald Rizzo
21 062General Government Annual Appropriation
21 063

Revolving Accounts Annual Authorization

21 064Gift Accounts Annual Authorization
21 065

Sewer Enterprise Fund Annual Appropriation

21 066Sewer Department Pump Station Improvements Borrowing Authorization
21 067Sewer Retained Earnings-Pump Station Improvements
21 068Sewer Retained Earnings-Capital Equipment
21 069Water Enterprise Fund Annual Appropriation
21 070Water Retained Earnings- Capital Equipment
21 071Water Retained Earnings- Water Treatment Plant Upgrades and Improvements
21 072Community Preservation Fund Annual Appropriation
21 073Free Cash for FY21 Snow Removal Deficit
21 074Free Cash Transfer to OPEB Trust Fund
21 075Free Cash Transfer for School IT Leases
21 076Free Cash for New Police Cruisers
21 077Establishment Facilities and Fields Enterprise Fund
21 078Transfer to Facilities and Fields Enterprise Fund
21 079Charter Review Committee Report
21 080Free Cash for Fire Deptartment Dispatch / Records Systems
21 081Reappointment to Cultural Council- Dominic Paulo
21 082Proposed Amendments to the Town's Tax Title Payment Agreements Ordinance
21 083FY2020 Audited Financial Statements & Management Letter
21 084Utility Petition-NGRID Gas Installation-Lisa Circle
21 085Free Cash for Weymouth 400 Events
21 086Engineering for Launch Ramp Dredging
21 087Reserve Fund Transfer - Unpaid Bills
21 088Appointment to Board of Library Trustees- Lisa Kimball
21 089Appointment to Board of Registrars- Alexander Milne
21 090

Changes to the Town's Ordinances as Proposed by the Ordinance Review Committee

21 091Proposed Amendment to Previous CPA Funding Request-Acquisition of Land for Affordable Housing and Open Space
21 092FY21 Dept. of Public Works Budget Transfer Requests
21 093

Annual Acceptance of Certain Property Tax Exemptions

21 094Accepting Certain Property Tax Exemptions
21 095Approval of a Conservation Restriction on Three Parcels of Land Located on Burkhall Street
21 096Free Cash to Refurbish Fire Engine
21 097

Reserve Fund Transfer-Debt Service

21 098Appointment to Community Events Committee- Joseph Bronske
21 099Appointment to Board of Elder Services- Ashly Ekelberg
21 100 Appointment to Zoning Board of Appeals- Carsten Snow-Eikelberg
21 101Appointment to Planning Board-Robert Christian
21 102State Revolving Fund Loan Authorization and Appropriation - Storm Water Management
21 103Line-Item Transfers
21 104Conceptual Design Services-Beals Park, North Weymouth
21 105Transfer of Funds for Conceptual Design Services for Iron Hill Park-Jackson Square
21 106Traffic Regulations Ledgebrook Road - Merrymount Road Area
21 107Proposed Amendments to the Town's Commercial Corridor Overlay Zoning Ordinance
21 108

Appointment to Board of Elder Services- Sally Furlong

21 109Appointment to Housing Authority- Patricia Lydon
21 110Early Voting Hours for Nov. 2, 2021 Election
21 111

Acceptance of Conservation Land - 640 Union Street

21 1122021 Re-Precincting Plan for the Town of Weymouth
21 113Town Clerk-Call of Town General Election
21 114Reserve Fund Transfer - Unpaid Bills
21 115FY22 Tax Classification
21 116

Citizen Petition to Change Zoning Ordinances - Article IV Section 120-13  / Article IV A Section 120-13.3

(eliminate "funeral home" section)

21 117Federal Redistricting