Measures Before Council - 2022

Year 2022
Measure Number Title 
22 001Citizens Petition-Request to Change Zoning Ordinances-Section 120-64.7.1-Billboard Relocation Overlay District
22 002Town Council Rules and Regulations 2022-2024
22 003Library Line Item Transfer
22 004Free Cash Transfer to Fire Department Overtime
22 005Free Cash Transfer to the Stabilization Fund
22 006Increase in COLA Base for Retirees
22 007Appointment Cultural Council-Debbie Courteau
22 008Appointment Board of Zoning Appeals Alternate-Russell L Drysdale, III
22 009Appointment Board of Zoning Appeals Alternate-Jonathan Lynch
22 010Appointment Board of Library Trustees-Tracy Muniz-Gately
22 011Appointment Community Events Committee-Mathew Murray
22 012Appointment Board of Health-Manan Patel
22 013Community Preservation Fund Transfer for Conceptual Design Services for Iron Hill Park
22 014Reserve Fund Transfer- Engineering Services
22 015Parking Restriction - Vicinity of 12 Columbian Street
22 016Street Acceptances-Camelot Way
22 017Street Acceptances-Cardinal Circle
22 018Street Acceptances-Meeting House Lane
22 019Street Acceptances-Mill River Drive
22 020Street Acceptances-Tilden Circle
22 021Street Acceptances-Tilden Road
22 022Street Acceptances-Street Acceptances - Waterford Drive
22 023Reappointment Construction Steering Committee-George Berg
22 024Reappointment Cemetery Commission-Michael Crowley
22 025Reappointment Community Preservation Committee-Christopher Hannan
22 026Reappointment WETC Board of Directors-Glenn Heath
22 027Reappointment Community Events Committee-Matthew Murray
22 028Reappointment 4th of July Committee- Matthew Murray
22 029Reappointment Community Preservation Committee-Patricia O'Leary
22 030Reappointment Board of Elder Services-Diane Oliverio
22 031Reappointment 4th of July Committee-Geoff Potter
22 032Reappointment Cultural Council-Marie Stoeckel
22 033Reappointment Historical Commission-Cathy Torrey
22 034

Reappointment Board of Library Trustees-Cathy Torrey

22 035Proposed Zoning Change in the Jackson Square Village Center
22 036Reappointment Board of Assessors- Denice Alexander
22 037Reappointment 4th of July Committee- George Bouchard
22 038Reappointment Veteran's Council- Gerald Burke
22 039Reappointment Cutural Council- Daniel Callahan
22 040Reappointment Community Preservation Committee- Daniel Condon
22 041Reappointent Board of Health- Maureen DelPrete
22 042Reappointment Waterfront Committee-Frank Geary
22 043Reappointment Scholarship Fund Committee-Michael Grafton
22 044Reappointment Board of Zoning Appeals-Richard McLeod
22 045Reappointment Board of Assessors- Kevin Spellman
22 046Reappointment Redevelopment Authority- Michael Wilcox
22 047Reappointment-Reacreation Commission- Arthur DelRosso
22 048Reappointment- Conservation Commission- George Loring
22 049

Reappointment- Board of Zoning Appeals- Jonathan Moriarty

22 050Reappointment-Waterfront Committee- George Mutch
22 051Reappointment-Board of Elder Services- Laureen Pizzi
22 052Reappointment- Youth Coalition- Mary Jordan-Roy
22 053Reappointment- Conservation Commission- Frank Singleton
22 054National Grid Gas Petition-Summer Street
22 055Appointment of Town Solicitor - Richard McLeod
22 056Police Line-Item Transfers for Overtime Expenses
22 057Reserve Fund for Insurance Expenses
22 058Reserve Fund to Supplement Wey-Bra Park Funding
22 059Reserve Fund for Scholarship Committee Expense
22 060Borrowing for Road/Sidewalk Improvements
22 061Free Cash for Road/Sidewalk Improvements
22 062

FY23 Collective Bargaining Reserve Fund

22 063Free Cash for Smelt Brook Walkway
22 064

Free Cash for Wharf Street Remediation

22 065Free Cash for IT Network Switches
22 066FY23 Annual Appropriation - General Government
22 067FY23 Annual Appropriation - Sewer Enterprise Fund
22 068Sewer Retained Earnings - Pump Station Improvements
22 069Sewer Retained Earnings - Infrastructure Improvements
22 070Sewer Retained Earnings - Capital Equipment
22 071FY23 Annual Appropriation - Water Enterprise Fund
22 072

Water Retained Earnings - Water Treatment Plant Improvements

22 073Water Retained Earnings - Water Main Improvements
22 074Water Retained Earnings - Capital Equipment
22 075FY23 Annual Appropriation - CPC
22 076FY23 Annual Appropriation - Facilities and Fields Enterprise Fund
22 077FY23 Annual Authorization - Revolving Accounts
22 078FY23 Annual Authorization - Gift Accounts
22 079FY22 Snow/Ice  Removal Deficit
22 080Free Cash for OPEB Fund Contribution
22 081Free Cash for Park Maintenance
22 082Free Cash for WPS Curriculum Materials
22 083Free Cash for WHS Planetarium Upgrades
22 084Free Cash for WPS Passenger Vans
22 085Free Cash for WHS Security Cameras
22 086Free Cash for WHS CTE Equipment
22 087Free Cash for WPS Music Instruments
22 088Free Cash for DPW Front-Line  DPW Truck
22 089Free Cash for Refurbishing DPW Heavy Equipment
22 090Free Cash for Recreation Passenger Vans
22 091Free Cash for Weston Park Path Lighting
22 092Free Cash for Senior Center Improvements
22 093Free Cash for WFD Protective Bunker Gear
22 094Free Cash for Upgrading Fire Alarm Communications
22 095Free Cash for Fire Station Generator
22 096Free Cash for Fire Dispatch Software
22 097Free Cash for Police Cruisers
22 098Free Cash for WPD Taser Replacements
22 099

FY22 Water Enterprise Fund Budget Transfer Request

22 100FY22 Sewer Enterprise Fund Budget Transfer Request
22 101FY22 Dept. of Public Works Budget Transfer Requests
22 102

Appointment- Board of Health Gary Peters

22 103Request to Extend Current Auditing Contract for FY2022
22 104Reserve Fund Transfer - Town Clerk
22 105Reserve Fund Transfer for WPD Taser Replacements
22 106Reserve Fund Transfer - Assessors
22 107Transfers to Fire Department Overtime
22 108Legal Department Line Item Transfer
22 109Appointment - 4th of July Committee Mary Roy
22 110

Appointment - Board of Zoning Appeals Nicole Chin

22 111

Appointment - Scholarship Fund Committee-Gerald Dowling

22 112Appointment - Board of Library Trustees John Lambiase, II
22 113Appointment - Memorial Committee John Lambiase, II
22 114Appointment - Board of Elder Services Elaine Pepe
22 115Appointment - Commission on Disabilities Cheryl Taylor
22 116Selection of Town Auditor

22 117

Police Details at Elections

22 118Call of the State Primary 2-9(b)
22 119Reserve Fund To Library Overytime
22 120

CPA Funding Request- Improvements at Osprey Overlook Park

22 121Reserve Fund for Accounting Services
22 122Appointment to Board of Registrars-Linda Rorie
22 123Reserve Fund Transfer-Legal
22 124CPA Funding Request - Crypts at Village Cemetery
22 125CPA Funding Request - Stained Glass Windows at Fogg Library
22 126Utility Petition Crown Castle NG E, LLC - Underground Conduit Placement - 200 Libbey Parkway
22 127Utility Petition NGRID GAS- 51 Massapoag Street
22 128Call of the State Election
22 129

Appointment to the Board of Registrars- Marie Stoeckel

22 130Reserve Fund Transfer- Unpaid Bill
22 131Citizen Petition Proposed New Building Moratorium
22 132FY23 Tax Classification
22 133Acceptance of Gift & Creation of Donation Account
22 134Acceptance of Land Donation for Park Purposes
22 135Town Council Code of Ordinances Amendment, Section 8-408 Openings in Street Restricted
22 136NGRID/Verizon Utility Application- 6 Fogg Road
22 137Reserve Fund Transfer- Grant Match
22 138Traffic Regulations- Wharf Street at East Street
22 139Appointment to Board of Registrars- Marie Stoeckel
22 140Reserve Fund Transfer-Insurance Endorsements