Measures Before Council - 2023

Year 2023
Measure Number


23 001FY21 Financial Statements
23 002Contract for Independent Audit FY23 and FY24
23 003

Acceptance of MGL, c 41, s 110A

23 004

Municipal Aggregation of Electricity

23 005Reserve Fund Transfer-Unpaid Bill
23 006Police-Line Item Transfer for Overtime Expenses
23 007Water Retained Earnings-Meter Replacement & Water Audit
23 008CPA Funding Request-Construction and Restoration of Beals Park
23 008 AmendedCPA Funding Request-Construction and Restoration of Beals Park
23 009CPA Funding Request-Playground Equipment & Gazebo for Beals Park
23 010Reappointment to WETC Board of Directors-Christopher Potter
23 011Appointment to Board of Registrars-Joseph Fleming
23 012

Request to Enter into 5-Year Student Food Service Contract

23 013Request to Enter into 6-Year Foreign Language Curriculum Contract
23 014Library Line Item Transfer
23 015Reappointment to Zoning Board of Appeals- Kemal Denizkurt
23 016Reappointment to Commission on Disabilities-Hank Goldman
23 017Reappointment to Scholarship Fund Committee-Alicia Lyons
23 018Reappointment to Conservation Commission- John Reilly
23 019Reappointment to Board of Elder Services-Jeanette Rose
23 020Reappointment to Commission on Disabilities-Laurieann Yeisley-Drogin
23 021Street Acceptances- 7 Streets
23 022 
23 023Reappointment to Historical Commission-Kerri Donnelly
23 024Reappointment to Commission on Disabilities-Richard Johnson
23 025Reappointment to Board of Health-Clare LaMorte
23 026Reappointment to Memorial Committee-Steven McCloskey
23 027

Reappointment to Redevelopment Authority-Steven McCloskey

23 028Reappointment to Zoning Board of Appeals-Carsten Snow-Eikelberg
23 029Reappointment to Scholarship Fund Committee-Virginia Snell
23 030Reappointment to Waterfront Committee-James Sullivan
23 031Reappointment to Community Events Committee-Steve Sweeney
23 032Reappointment to Scholarship Fund Committee-Matthew Tierney
23 033Reappointment to 4th of July Committee-Peter Webb, Sr.
23 034Reappointment to Community Events Committee-Peter Webb, Sr.