Market Bucks

The Weymouth Farmer’s Market is a great place to buy fresh, local, and healthy food.  It's also a great place to support local business. According to a study by Cornell University, every dollar spent at a farmer's market generates an additional $0.63 in local economic activity.       

To make shopping easier at the Farmer's Market, we've partnered with the Weymouth Food Pantry to increase our capacity to accept non-cash payments. Customers without cash can swipe a debit card at the Market Manager’s table in exchange for Market Bucks, or $5 tokens. These tokens act as cash at the Market to purchase products from participating vendors. The minimum transaction amount to receive Market Bucks is $20 (the same amount required at most ATMs). While there are no refunds for Market Bucks, the tokens never expire, so customers can keep what they don't use for later.

In 2015, the Farmer’s Market facilitated $1,640 in debit card sales and $2,165 in EBT card sales. This money went directly into the hands of local farms and small businesses, helping to support our local economy.