Parks & Recreation

great esker park
Great Esker Park

Parks and Open Space

Local parks and open sapce provide fun, safe areas for residents to be active outdoors and can benefit people’s physical and mental health. Research also shows that every $1 invested in parks or open space in Massachusetts returns $4 in natural goods and services to the state's economy. Click here to explore an interactive map of select recreational areas in Weymouth or browse the more comprehensive listing below.

Recreation Programs

Given its vast network of recreational lands, Weymouth has the ability to offer programming for kids and teens all year round. The Town's Recreation Division offers a variety of activities at locations such as Great Esker Park, George Lane Beach, James O’Sullivan Playground, and the John F. McCulloch Building gymnasium. Check out the Recreation Division's website for a full list of programed activities. A list of privately-run leagues and programs is available here: 

Recreational Areas
Street Access
Abigail Adams Green
East & North St
Green Space
Abigail Adams State Park
Bridge St
Skyline Views, Walking Paths
Beals Park
Athens or Sea St
Playground, Basketball Court, Walking Paths
Bicknell Park & Madden Field
Delorey Ave
Ballfield, Soccer Field
Birchers PlaygroundCross St & Westminster RdPlayground, Ballfield
Bradford Hawes Park
Lakehurst Ave
Playground, Ballfield, Basketball Court, Walking Paths
Cavern Rock Park
Westminster Rd
Ledges, Woodlands
Central Fields (aka, Riley, Wanzer, and Webb Field)
School House Rd
Ballfields, Soccer Fields
Cranberry Pond Park
Cranberry Rd
DCR Connell Memorial Rink & Pool
Broad St
Ice Rink, Swimming Pool
Emery Estate
Emery Lane
Skyline Views
Gagnon Park
Belmont St
Playground, Woodlands
George Lane Beach
River St
Coastal Swimming Beach
Great Esker Park
Elva Rd or Bridge St
Bicycling/Walking Trails, Fishing
Great Hill Park
Bradley Rd
Skyline Views
Herring Run Pool Park
Commercial & Water St
Water Views
House Rock Park
House Rock Rd
Playground, Basketball Court
Humphrey Field
Lake St
Ballfield, Soccer Field
Iron Hill Park
Iron Hill St
Green Space
James O'Sullivan Playground
Pilgrim Rd
Playground, Ballfield, Basketball Court
John F. McCulloch Building
182 Green St
Julia Road Playground
Julia Rd
Playground, Ballfield
Korean War Memorial
Broad & Commercial St
Lake Street Beach
Lake St
Closed Beach
Legion Memorial Field
Commercial & Middle St
Playground, Football/Soccer Field, Tennis Courts, Walking Paths
Libby Field
Middle St
Lovell Playground (includes Stephen Rennie Herring Run Park)
Broad St
Playground, Ballfields, Basketball Court, Soccer Field, Skate Park
Memorial Playground
Memorial Dr
Playground, Basketball Court
Mitchell Field
Middle St (side of the middle school)
Ballfield, Soccer Field
Negus Park
Great Pond Rd
Playground, Ballfields
Pond Meadow Park
Summer Rd
Bicycling/Walking Trails, Fishing
Ralph Talbot Amphitheater
Middle St
Green Space
Richard Gifford Playground
Thicket St
Playground, Ballfield
Robert S. Hoffman Park
Broad St
Shea Fitness Center
420 Shea Memorial Dr
Stella Tirrel Park & Rink
Central St
Playground, In-Line Rink, Ballfield, Basketball Court, Batting Cages
Teen Center
1393 Pleasant St
Fitness Room
Webb Memorial State Park
River St
Bicycling/Walking Trails, Skyline Views
Webb Park
Summit St
Playground, Ballfield, Basketball Court
Wessagusset Beach
Wessagusset Rd
Coastal Swimming Beach
Weston Park
Broad or Franklin St
Playground, Ballfield, Basketball Court, Soccer Field
Whitman's Pond Park
Middle St
Boat Ramp, Fishing, Gazebo
William E. Newell Playground
Circle Dr
Playground, Ballfield, Basketball Court