Planning & Community Development

The Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) is responsible for the coordination of all planning and development related activities of the Town, including:  

  • Zoning amendments
  • Land acquisitions
  • Preparation of a Town Master Plan
  • Economic development planning
  • Housing development planning 
  • Open space and recreation planning
  • Community design and placemaking
  • CDBG administration
  • Wetlands conservation

DPCD is composed of four divisions: Planning, Conservation, Housing, and Community Development. DPCD also staffs numerous Town boards, commissions, and committees organized for similar planning and development purposes.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Robert Luongo Director
Eric Schneider Principal Planner
Owen MacDonald Traffic Engineer
Kate Marshall Community Development Planner
Jody H. Lehrer Community Development Coordinator
Jane Kudcey Housing Coordinator
Mary Ellen Schloss Conservation Administrator
Pat Fitzgerald Conservation Principal Clerk