Housing Programs

affordable housing
Click here for Affordable Housing Information Sheet.

First-Time Home Buyers Program

The South Shore HOME Consortium is a partnership of five South Shore communities - Braintree, Holbrook, Milton, Quincy, and Weymouth - which provides financial assistance to first-time home buyers based on income eligibility. The Consortium’s First-Time Home Buyers Program has two components: (1) financial aid for down payments and closing costs and (2) potential access to the Massachusetts Housing Partnership’s (MHP) ONE Mortgage Program (formerly the SoftSecond Loan Program) and other first-time home buyer programs available through MassHousing. Funding for the Consortium is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) through the Federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program.        

Eligibility information and program requirements are detailed in Weymouth’s First-Time Home Buyers Program Application. Persons interested in applying for assistance should contact the Town's Housing Coordinator for a free consultation.

Home Rehabilitation Loan Program

The Town of Weymouth offers financial assistance to income eligible single family homeowners and investors of income qualified multi-family homes to rehabilitate and/or improve local housing units. Home rehab/improvement loans are designed to provide zero percent, interest-deferred payment financing and technical housing rehabilitation assistance for essential repairs, sanitary code violations, energy conservation goals, and deteriorating housing conditions caused by deferred property maintenance. A rehabilitaion specialist assists the homeowner through the home rehab/improvement process. No monthly payments are required after financing. Repayment is due at the time of the home’s sale, refinancing, or change in ownership interest.

Eligibility information and program requirements are detailed in the attached Policies and Procedures document.Please click here for the Homeowner's Application.  This program is also available to investors, provided that at least 50% of the rental units are occupied by low-moderate income tenants and that the owner signs an Affordable Housing Resrtriction for 15 years. Please click here for the Investor Owned Property Application. Funding for the program is provided in part by the Town of Weymouth through the federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. Loans are subject to the availability of funds. Potential applicants should contact Weymouth’s Housing Coordinator for additional information on eligibility, program requirements, and instructions for applying.

Contractors interested in bidding on housing rehab/improvement projects should complete the Contractor Application Form.

Other Housing Programs and Resources

The following links provide information on additional housing programs and resources. Residents are encouraged to contact Weymouth’s Housing Coordinator with any questions. 

Regional Fair Housing Plan

fair housingFair-housing choice is defined as equal access to all types of housing. In 2014, the South Shore HOME Consortium worked in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) to complete a Regional Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing. The purpose of this project was to identify goals and actions for advancing fair-housing choice in the Consortium’s five membership communities – Braintree, Holbrook, Milton, Quincy, and Weymouth. Three public forums were held between April 2014 and May 2014 and an online survey was released to help the Consortium better understand the region's fair housing issues. 

The 2014-2019 Regional Fair Housing Plan (FHP) represents the total findings of the South Shore HOME Consortium and MAPC's analysis. The FHP incorporates insights from a broad range of residents, fair housing advocates, service providers, local realtors, and representatives from numerous municipal boards, committees, and commissions – many of whom served on the Consortiums' Fair Housing Advisory Committee, formed in 2014. The goals of the FHP are as follows:

  • Provide an understanding of fair housing obligation and the needs of protected classes;
  • Identify impediments to fair housing choice through an analysis of public and private sector policies and activities; and
  • Provide a framework to public and private sector partners that enables them to take the lead in affirmatively furthering fair housing by initiating dialog and institutionalizing fair housing best practices and policies.

Click here to download the South Shore HOME Consortium’s 2014-2019 Regional Fair Housing Plan.