Construction Steering Committee

Mission Statement

The Construction Steering Committee oversees any construction, reconstruction or remodeling of any municipal or school building or other Town of Weymouth facility whenever a proposal is to be undertaken.  The Construction Steering Committee shall evaluate the proposal and shall file a report, including its recommendations with the Mayor.  The Construction Steering Committee shall be responsible for any construction, reconstruction or remodeling work, which is authorized to be undertaken including site acquisition, site preparation, designer selection, schematic design, preliminary design, bid preparation, bid award, and supervision of construction.  The Mayor is the authority to award all contracts and to approve all payments, subject only to the appropriation of funds by the Town Council.

The Construction Steering Committee was established by the Code of Ordinances of the Town of Weymouth Section 3-203.

Board Members

Name Title
Jeffrey E. Richards, C.B.O. Chairman
Robert Luongo Director of Planning & Community Development
Kenan Connell Director of Public Works
Paul Comerford Director of School Building Maintenance
Kathy Curran School Representative
Kerry Ann Knapp Mayor's Representative
Gilbert Starkey Citizen Representative
John Gillon, PE