Construction Steering Committee

The Construction Steering Committee is responsible for the evaluation and undertaking of any construction, reconstruction, or remodeling project related to a municipal or school building of the Town of Weymouth.

The Construction Steering Committee is a seven-member body consisting of the Mayor, the Director of Public Works, the Director of Planning and Community Development, the Director of Municipal Licenses and Inspections, the Maintenance Director of the School Department, or their designees, and two members of the community appointed by the Mayor. One member of the School Committee will replace the Director of Planning and Community Development whenever there is planning or construction of a new, remodeled, or renovated school building.

Board Members

Name Title
Jeffrey E. Richards, C.B.O. Chairman
John Barker School Maintenance Rep.
Kenan Connell Director of Public Works
Kathy Curran School Committee Rep.
Kerry Ann Knapp Mayor's Rep.
Robert Luongo Director of Planning & Community Development
John Gillon Citizen Appointee
George Berg Citizen Appointee