Town Clerk

The Mission of the Office of the Town Clerk is to serve as the official record keeper and archivist of the town records and statistics and to coordinate and oversee elections and voter registration in compliance with Massachusetts and local law in order to assure sound documentation and access of residents to local government.

To accurately establish, maintain, and certify all vital statistics of the Town and to collect and administer licenses, registrations and fines required by Massachusetts General Laws and Town Ordinances.

Local Board and Committees

  • Administer the oath of office to all elected and appointed members of local boards and committees.
  • Post meetings notices of all government bodies.

Official Decisions and Duties

  • Records and certifies all official actions of the Town, including:
  • Town Council Meetings, appropriations, Planning Board and Zoning Board decisions.
  • Certifies all notes for borrowing.
  • The Official Keeper of the Records for the Town of Weymouth, the Town Clerk is the keeper of the Town Seal.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kathleen A. Deree Town Clerk (781) 340-5017
Lee Hultin Assistant Town Clerk (781) 340-5017
Christine Rose Assistant to the Board of Registrars (781) 340-5017
Janice Leonard Principal Clerk (781) 340-5017
Carolyn Arki Principal Clerk (781) 340-5017