Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) allows cities and towns in Massachusetts to create a local Community Preservation Fund by ballot referendum. Once created, CPA monies are raised locally through the imposition of a surcharge on real property and may only be used for open space protection, historic preservation, affordable housing, and outdoor recreation projects. Each community that adopts the CPA is required to establish a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) to administer its Community Preservation Fund. 

Weymouth's CPC is a nine-member body consisting of one member of the Conservation Commission, one member of the Planning Board, one member of the Historical Commission, one member of the Housing Authority, one member of the Recreation Commission, one member of the Town Council, and three members of the community appointed by the Mayor. The CPC has three statutory responsibilities:

Develop a Community Preservation Plan

The first responsibility of the CPC is to study the needs, possibilities, and resources of the Town with regards to community preservation. In performing this research, the CPC must hold at least one public hearing annually to gather community input. Using this research, the CPC is responsible for developing a Community Preservation Plan to guide its decision making on project applications. 

Review and Recommend CPA Projects

The second responsibility of the CPC is to accept project applications and conduct a thorough review, with the aim of selecting the most compelling projects for recommendation to the Mayor. Project applications are accepted on a rolling basis, at the discretion of the CPC. Once the CPC has voted to recommend an application, along with a specific dollar amount and CPA funding sources, the application is forwarded to the Mayor for action.

Keep Records and Report on the CPA Budget

The third responsibility of the CPC is a record keeping and budgetary one. The CPC is required to keep records of all meetings, applications, and recommendations, and to submit a annual budget for the Town's Community Preservation Fund to the Mayor.

Staff Contacts

Board Members

Name Title
Christopher Hannan Chair
Daniel Condon Vice Chair
Ed Harrington Clerk/Town Council Rep.
Mark Kilban Member
George Loring Conservation Commission Rep.
Pat O’Leary Member
Kenneth Padula Planning Board Rep.
Victor Pap Housing Authority Rep.
Cathy Torrey Historical Commission Rep.