Youth Coalition

The Youth Coalition is a seven-member body consisting of the Mayor, Superintendent of Schools, Chief of Police, Director of Health, Division of Youth and Family Services (or their designees), and two community members appointed by the Mayor. In addition, the Coallition may by majority vote solicit stakeholders in youth activities, such as parents of school-aged children, concerned citizens, members of the clergy, and other youth-related agencies, to participate as nonvoting members.

The Coalition is established by Town Ordinance to address youth concerns in a community-based manner, with particular focus on the prevention of substance abuse, violence, and other high-risk behavior affecting youths. The Coalition makes every effort to include input and representation from the widest possible range of citizenry.

Board Members

Name Title
Cpt. John Concannon Chair/Police Rep.
Nicholas Bulens Mayor's Rep.
Kathy Collins
Mary Jordan-Roy Member
Daniel McCormack R.S., C.H.O.
Sally Scott Member