Elder Services

Executive Board of Elder Services


The mission of Weymouth Elder Services is to advocate for an improved quality of life for all seniors ensuring that they have the opportunity to live with independence, dignity and security.

Weymouth Elder Services welcomes all seniors (60+) to participate in many social, educational, transportation, recreational and supportive programs.

Programs Policy

Registration to programs if first offered to seniors (60+) of the Town of Weymouth and non-resident volunteers.  If additional space is available, non-residents are welcome to participate.  Transportation and Outreach Services are solely offered to residents of the Town of Weymouth.


MEDICARE is NOT calling anybody!!

Do NOT give your Medicare # or your social security #
to anyone unless YOU initiated the call!
If something feels “not quite right” with a phone call,
simply hang up!

Contact your local police department or town to initiate a ‘reverse” 911 call (or internet email setup) that can inform people quickly throughout the community about the scam.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Medicare,
please call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4223).

Social Security and Medicare employees will never make an unsolicited call, for any reason, to ask for banking or credit card information, or for a Social Security or Medicare number.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Karen Johnston Director of Elder Services (781) 682-6140
Denise Ray Activities Coordinator
Samantha Beaton Office Assistant
Jenny Styers Outreach Coordinator
Martina Hickey Outreach Coordinator
Timothy Stewart Transportation Administrator
Richard McIsaac Transportation Driver
Kenneth O'Donnell Driver

Board of Directors

Name Title
William Begley President
Dorothy Canniff Vice President
Jeanette Rose Clerk
Laureen Pizzi Member
Diane Oliverio Member
Michelle Campbell Member
Thomas Coronite Member