Open Space Committee

The Open Space Committee advises and assists the Office of the Mayor in the acquisition, creation, and preservation of open space and outdoor recreational facilities.

The goals of the Open Space Committee include:

  • Provide and maintain a diversity of conservation and recreation lands with opportunities for passive and active recreation.
  • Promote development and maintenance of Weymouth's trails and trail linkages.
  • Promote the continued renovation and enhancement of Weymouth's neighborhood parks.
  • Increase public awareness of the variety of open space and outdoor recreational facilities available to residents.
  • Explore and evaluate opportunities for acquisition of additional open space and lands for outdoor recreation.
  • Encourage stewardship of Weymouth’s open space infrastructure through partnerships with local civic and volunteer groups or organizations.
  • Measure and continue progress towards the goals of the Town’s state-approved Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP).

The Open Space Committee is an eight-member advisory body consisting of the Town’s Program Coordinator of Parks, the Director of Planning and Community Development (or their designees), and six members of the community appointed by the Mayor. By majority vote, the committee may solicit community stakeholders with an interest in or knowledge of open space and outdoor recreational facilities to participate as nonvoting members.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Andrew Hultin (781) 682-6124

Board Members

Name Title
Karen Graham Member
Kate Marshall Planning Director Designee
Joe Haddock Member
David Henley Member
Cate Parsley Member
Kathleen Swain Member
Andrew Hultin