Municipal Finance

The Department of Finance was created through the enactment the Charter and is supported by M.G.L. Chapter 43c sec. 3. This legislation was the culmination of an effort to establish a unified Finance Department. Its primary purpose is to provide a means for the coordination of all the Town's fiscal operations.

The major goals are to attain efficiencies in operations, flexibility in resource utilization, economies of larger scale operations, elimination of duplication, improved communications and coordination of all fiscal-related functions, new initiatives, special studies, and research projects. The Department was officially created on January 2, 2000 and includes the following divisions:

  • Accounting Office
  • Treasurer/Collector's Office(s)
  • Assessor's Office

The Department is overseen by the Chief Financial Officer who is responsible for the management of the administrative functions of the various divisions as well as coordination of all functional activities. The Town's Charter creates the Director's position.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
James D. Malary, Sr. CFO
Patrice Cook Town Accountant
Robert Conlon Treasurer/Collector
Patricia O'Kane Principal Assessor (781) 682-3852