Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement Application

When applying for a Motor Vehicle Abatement, please be sure you have ALL of the proper documentation. You must provide proof of the disposition of both the Vehicle and the Plate.


Bill of Sale and Plate Return Receipt or if plate is transferred then a copy of Registration Form.


Purchase Agreement citing vehicle as Trade-in and copy of New Registration Form or Plate Return Receipt.


Insurance Settlement Letter showing conveyance of Title to Insurance company, with VIN # and date of loss and C-19 Form (Affidavit of Lost or Stolen Plate) from Registry of Motor Vehicles or if plate is transferred then a copy of New Registration Form, or Plate Return Receipt.


Proof of garaging prior to January 1 of year of bill. Copy of insurance policy (coverage selection page). You must notify the Registry within 30 days of move. NOTE: Moving to another city or town does not entitle you to an abatement.


Registration Form from the new state or county and Plate Return Receipt.


Receipt from junk yard and Plate Return Receipt or if plate transferred then a copy of New Registration Form.


Repossession Letter with VIN # and repossession date and Plate Return Receipt or if plate transferred then a copy of New Registration Form.


Proof of entitlement to statutory exemption.

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Applications may also be:

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Questions regarding overvaluation of motor vehicles should be directed to the Registry of Motor Vehicles at (857) 368-8180
Motor Vehicle Excise Information

  • If you lease a vehicle, the lease company is considered the owner of the vehicle.  If you terminate the lease, the company is eligible to file the abatement application and the refund would go to the company.
  • Excise is prorated on a monthly basis, if a vehicle is registered for any part (even 1 day) of a month, the whole month is due.
  • Failure to receive a bill does not negate the obligation the bill represents.

An Application for Abatement does not stay the collection of the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax.
In order to avoid interest, charges and fee, your excise tax bill must be paid no later than thirty (30) days from the bill’s issue date.