Town Government

bob hedlund
Mayor Hedlund's Inauguration (2016)

Weymouth is one of 14 communities in the Commonwealth that has a city form of government but is still formally known as “Town of." 

The Town Charter establishes a Mayor-Council form of government. 


The Mayor is the Town's chief executive officer, elected by and from the voters at large. The Mayor is responsible for the efficient administration of the government and exercises general supervision and direction over all Town agencies, unless otherwise provided by the Town Charter, Town Code of Ordinances, or Massachusetts General Laws. Elections for the Office of the Mayor are held every four years.

Town Council

The Town Council is the Town’s legislative branch of government, consisting of 11 members. Five of these members are elected by and from the voters at large. Six of these members are elected by and from the voters of each of the six districts into which the Town is divided. Elections for the Town Council are held every two years.

School Committee

The School Committee is the governing body of the Weymouth Public School District. The School Committee consists of six members elected by and from the voters at large. Three of these six members are elected every two years.

Multi-Member Bodies

A multi-member body of the Town of Weymouth is any board, commission, committee, or other body consisting of two or more persons, whether elected, appointed, or otherwise constituted, but not including the Town Council or School Committee. Find information on standing Town boards, commissions, and committees here.

Appointed Town Officers

Find information on appointed Town officers here.