Public Utilities

mass save

Energy Efficiency

Massachusetts is invested in helping households and businesses make smarter choices about energy. Using energy more efficiently can help reduce waste, save money, grow the economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Mass Save program assists households and businesses in implementing approved energy-saving measures through a wide range of incentives, rebates, services, and financing options. Find Mass Save here.

Mass Save is funded by gas and electric ratepayers and sponsored by Massachusetts’ natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers. This program is operated in accordance with state law and regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities and the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. 

Utility Service Providers

The following information was gathered for the convenience of residents. All information was deemed accurate at the time of publication but is subject to change without the Town's knowledge. To request changes or updates to this page, please contact the Mayor's Office at (781) 340-5012 or email Constituent Services.

National Grid
Customer support: 800-322-3223


Power outages: 800-465-1212




Natural Gas
National Grid


Customer support: 800-233-5325


Gas leak and gas emergencies: 800-233-5325



Cable Television

Customer support: 800-934-6489


Moving: 877-431-4823



Water Division, Department of Public Works

Phone: 781-337-5100




Public Water System (PWS) ID: 3336000


EPA's Safe Drinking Water Hotline: 800-426-4791


Sewer Division, Department of Public Works

Phone: 781-337-5100




How the sewer system works: Find an explanation from the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority here.


Trash & Recycling
EZ Disposal Service

General information: 781-337-5100 (Weymouth DPW)


Customer service: 781-233-2211 (EZ Disposal)


Pickup of appliances or large items: 781-233-211 (EZ Disposal)  


Missed pickup: 781-233-2211 (EZ Disposal)


Additional carts: Find a request form here.


Drop-off information: 781-335-5100 (DPW) or see website


Hazardous waste disposal information: 781-335-5100 (DPW) or see website