Emergency Management/ Civil Defense


The objective of the Weymouth Emergency Management Division is to provide the resources, manpower, and coordination, through the comprehensive emergency management plan, to provide for the protection of the citizens of Weymouth in order that we may save lives and minimize damage to public and private property during disaster situations.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
John Mulveyhill Director 781 340-5048
Charlotte Jenkins Deputy Director 781 340-5048
Brian DiRamio Captain, EOC Operations & Radef Officer 781 340-5048
Elaine Pendergast Shelter Operations 781 340-5048
Joseph Gatto Operations Section Chief 781 340-5048
Gary Lawrence Planning Section Chief 781 340-5048
Frank Younie Logistics Section Chief 781 340-5048
Christopher Davern Duty Officer 781-340-5048