Board of Library Trustees

Members of the Board of Library Trustees

Cathy Torrey, Chair
Patricia O'Leary, Vice Chair
Donna Shea, Recording Secretary
Christa Dunn

Vicki Kaufman
Dominic M. Paulo
Matthew Tallon


Section 3-214 of the Town of Weymouth Ordinances

(a) Establishment – The mayor shall appoint a board of trustees of the public library consisting of seven members.

(b) Authority and Responsibility – The board of trustees of the public library shall represent the interests, issues, and concerns of the library to the mayor and other agencies of the town government and to the public. The board of trustees of the public library establishes a written policy for the selection of library materials and the use of materials and facilities in accordance with the standards adopted by the American Library Association.

Weymouth Public Libraries Mission Statement

The Weymouth Public Libraries provide intellectual, cultural and recreational interests to the Town of Weymouth by offering print and non-print materials, up-to-date technologies, programs and workshops in order to welcome and satisfy the needs of users of all ages and abilities.