The mission of the Accounting Division is to protect the fiduciary interests of the Town by providing independent, timely oversight of the Town’s finances and by ensuring that financial transactions are executed legally, efficiently, and effectively.

The Accounting Division provides the controllership and audit functions for the Town and its departments. Accounting assures that financial transactions are undertaken in accordance with federal, state, and local law, regulation, contract, and policy as well as adherence to generally acceptable accounting principles (GAAP). The Division serves as a barrier to potential fraud or misuse of Town’s resources.

The Accounting Division is responsible for maintaining and administering a financial account and management information system that provides accurate, complete, and timely information pertaining to all financial activities of Town departments, boards, and commissions. Accounting provides financial information to a wide variety of stakeholders including the Mayor, the Town Council, Town departments, the investment community, federal, state, and other levels of government and to the citizens of Weymouth.

The Accounting Division processes payment of all Town invoices and prepares the warrant. Accounting also administers the payroll functions and distributes IRS 1099 forms to vendors. Other major responsibilities of the Division include: coordination the external audit and preparing the Town’s annual financial statements; overseeing and processing all transfers of Town funds from one budget code to another; reconciling cash and account receivables to the books of the Treasurer; certifying availability of all appropriations; preparing and submitting to the State Department of Revenue necessary reports such as Schedule A, quarterly cash reconciliation, all funds balance sheet and free cash certification; assisting the School Department in preparing their End of the Year Report; and closing the financial books at the end of the fiscal year.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Patrice Cook Town Accountant